Clients often ask me about my mixed forecast this month. I made a point of saying how great it would be with the exalted Venus or the improved Saturn but they are not feeling it on Mondays or Tuesday or Wednesdays.  What gives?

In  daily life, the Vedic tradition has  looked at the Moon’s course every month through the nakshatras (one nakshatra is roughly how much the Moon covers in a single day). They add this effect to the weekday. In India, as well as in China, Tibet and Europe, the seven days of the week have corresponded since time immemorial to the seven visible planets in the same way. Thus, if need to propitiate Saturn, you’d better do it in a Saturday. This is how they arrive at lucky or unlucky days for a person and the areas of daily forecasting.

The ruler of the day begins with sunrise and not midnight and hence in the winter if it is Sunday morning and still dark out and you use that time, you are still on Saturday.

While most people can remember this sequence easily, if not, here is an easy guide. Most are obvious:

Sunday–Sunday– A Day to connect with the Divine, go to church or temple.

Monday–MOON DAY- A day to do cooking cleaning, nurturing activities.

Tuesday– Mars Day– A day to go into battle, fight your enemies, be involved in competitive sports.

Wednesday–Mercury’s Day– (Mercoledì in Italian) reminds us of the connection to Mercury.   A day for writing, marketing and business activities.

Thursday–Jupiter’s Day- (Thorsday–Thor is the Scandanvian equivalent of Jupiter) : A day for teaching and devoted to spiritual knowledge and the Guru.

Friday–Venus’s Day (Freitag in Germany reminds us of the Scanadiavian equivalent–Frieda–goddess of peace.) A day for dating, relationships, fun, music dancing and entertaining. Good day for business expansion, marketing and business relationships.

Saturday–Saturn’s Day –A day for doing household chores, catching up on work, cleaning.

The 7 days of the week get connected to the rays of the Rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violent and no wonder Sunday is connected to Red and Rubys and so wearing red on a Sunday will support that color.  Orange or cream are connected to the moon so wear that color to support the moon on a Monday.  Tuesday is connected to yellow or red and Mars.  Wednesdays to Green and Mercury and Thursday to Blue or (Yellow) and Friday to Indigo  the color of the night sky and Saturn to Violet or Blue/Black.  Wearing the color of the day of the week can empower the planet particularly if it is weak in your natal chart or in transit if you want to strengthen it.

Most of this is obvious  but there is natural support for doing these activities on certain days of the week because their nature is tied to that day and we naturally do things that day.  Friday night is date and party time to honor Venus and we build things and construct and tinker in the garage on Saturday. When we do things on their natural days of the week, we get more support from that planet.

Planets reveal their nature in transit based on their strength in the sky.  So Fridays and Thursday are particularly expansive when Venus is in Libra, Taurus and Pisces and even Aquarius.  Wednesdays  will be best with Mercury is in Gemini and Virgo and Libra and Taurus and particularly difficult in Pisces.  Tuesdays ruled by Mars will be good when Mars is in Pisces, Aries, Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius and Capricorn and will be difficult this summer in July when Mars and Mercury are together in Cancer.

Monday are always mixed depending on what is going with the moon that week.  Sundays are strong with the Sun in Sagittarius this month but tricky Oct 16-Nov. 15 when Sun is in Libra, Pisces, Aries, Leo and Scorpio and connected with Jupiter with Jupiter owned nakshatras like Purvabhadrapada and Punavasu (Gemini 20-Cancer 3.20) and Vishakha (Libra 20-Scorpio 3.20).

What are your lucky days of the week? 

The hidden secret is based on the planets in your natal chart, you will find that certain days of the week will have an innate good luck or difficult quality to them.  For example I have Mars in Aries as the chart lord and Jupiter stationary and an exalted Saturn and my Sun in Pisces is my strongest planet.  Hence Sundays are my best day of the week and then Thursday, Tuesday and Saturday in that order and that helps me plan and make appointments.   Venus is my weakest planet in my chart and owns my 7th and 12th houses and Friday is my most challenging day after Monday, which is connected to my debilitated moon in Scorpio.  Wednesdays are tricky and mixed for me with Mercury in the 4th in Aquarius.

So when you are planning appointments, consider your lucky days of the week for your natal chart and then consider what is going on in transit.







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