RAHU IN BHARANI (ARIES 26.40-13.20) JULY 11 2022-FEB 6 2023


Rahu transits into Bharani (pronounced BAR-AN-NEE)  on July 11th which is located at 13.20 Aries to 26.40 Aries and is ruled by the planet Venus. To astronomers, it consists of 3 stars known as 35, 39, and 41-Arietes, and its symbol is the female vagina which means that it embodies the eternal creative feminine energy of the womb. It relates to the capacity to receive, hold and nurture and even has some Kali energy associated with destruction as the archetypal quality of the mother that will protect her young at all costs.
Emotionally the constellation embodies caution, jealousy, struggle, sacrifice, sexuality, catharsis nurturing, and maternal love. It is also connected to the god Yama, of death and transformation and operates in hidden unpredictable ways, and enjoys its secrecy. Yama is not a serious deity as we might normally think of and has a lighthearted playful expressive quality also and it is a benevolent deity and should not be feared. Hence the constellation of Bharani deals with the extremes of creating life as well as dissolution.

Rahu in Bharani is blessed with the cherishing, nurturing, and feminine energy of Venus and it calms its wild ways a bit but it still incites deep passions and desires for sexual expression or sensual indulgence in sweets or shopping or at its highest artistic creativity.     Rahu in this nakshatra must get out of the past but not get obsessed with sexual fixations and obsessions or it will lose its broader vision in finding spirituality.  With Rahu’s connection to Lord Yama, the nakshatra Lord, there can even be spiritual obsessions with practice.  There can be great power created but Rahu may drive ego too much and get spiritual practice out of balance.

Rahu is channeling Venus’s energy, which is a friend and which is in Gemini until  August 6th and thus  increasing sexual tensions and relationship passion.    Usually, if you do not find a creative art project to do you may want to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend to work out the energies.   The combination of Rahu /Venus energy can lead to passionate outbursts, but if not satisfied, will turn into deep quarreling and agitation with unreliable partners. This will make relationships testy for the next four weeks, so, as we said earlier in the week, get out of the house and give your partner a rest or anger flares up. Make sure that their sexual needs are satisfied. If frustrated, find alternative sensual and artistic expressions like dancing at a wild party or getting a massage if you do not feel nurtured enough.


On a mundane astrological level, the Rahu/Uranus conjunction into August 1st is positive for increasing inventive energies and technological discoveries and could lead to subtle understandings and breakthroughs in science and the laws of physics.  There would be a two week impact the last few weeks of July and into the first few weeks of August but it could have a much longer influence.  Watch for announcement coming out of CERN.    On a social level, the conjunction can lead to powerful revolutionary explosions in society, riots, and strong expressions for freedom. It will increase revolutionary thinking in the masses and start revolts in parts of society that are repressed. At the moment, Chinese citizens are revolting about paying mortgages on properties that are having problems being constructed.  Sri Lanka revolted against its leaders for creating huge financial problems in the country and creating lines in petrol stations that were 2km.

Rahu/Uranus/Mars could create huge disruptions in the power grid system, the internet, and supply chains and lead to some level of frustrating and angry chaos.



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