Sun moved in the zodiac sign of Cancer on Friday July 16th, the natural house of home and supporting the “family.”

Sun in Cancer is rather afflicted during the last 7 days of the   transit August 7-16th this year due to Saturn in Capricorn increasing the tensions between working at home and being out in the world. It is a 12th house transit for Leos suggesting a need for retreat, meditation and foreign journey.  The transit this year is only afflicted by Saturn with the opposition peaking into August 2nd  and having an impact August 7-16th. We will discuss this opposition in later post.  In Mundane astrology will create tensions in government and with governmental leaders and the 12th house from Leo could lead to some leaders stepping down the first few weeks of August.

The end of the transit, August 14 – 16th is in the Cancer gandanta (Cancer 27-30) in the constellation of Hyrda (Ashlesha, Cancer 16.40-29.59) is a place where the toxins of the past are accumulating in a big knot that is difficult to untie. Deep unconscious patterns and difficult problems arise that seem daunting and filled with regrets. Remember you have the power of free will in the present moment to move through into new light and do not have to live in the shadows and mistakes of the past. Let them go. They seem tangled and difficult to deal with, but you are strong enough to get through them.
So, late July and mid-August are difficult times for Leo rising so good to go on a meditation retreat and do the inner work as the outer ambitions may be frustrating.  Travels to foreign countries may be complicated with the eclipse energy.


If you are a Cancer moon or Cancer rising in the Vedic system or have Cancer rising in the D9 chart or even if your Sun is in Cancer (born July 17-August 16th), you may relate to the material presented below but we all have some Cancer in our chart that impacts us.

Cancer rising has problems with the earth element and the material world and has to learn how to save money and work in the world.  Depending on other factors in the chart, Cancer has problems manifesting in the material world.  This can be offset by a strong balance of well-placed planets in Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo can be helpful if in the chart to offset this latent flaw. A well-placed Venus or Saturn can offset this imbalance particularly if they are well-aspected or are in Taurus or Capricorn.   Cancers have to actively focus on saving money, taking those success seminars, and getting out in the material world when they would rather just meditate and bathe in the wonders of the spiritual world. If the moon or the 1st house is afflicted,

The darker side of this sign if it is afflicted by malefics like Rahu, Ketu, Mars, or Saturn or if the Moon is poorly placed in the 6th, 8th , or 12th houses or afflicted by malefics or in troubled signs like Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius or Gemini is it that can lead to moodiness, being sarcastic, impolite, critical, self-deprecation, mocking and ridicule.

Cancer has to avoid getting to caught up in their head, being too rigid and getting too stuck with attitude.

If you have planets in Cancer in your chart or even in the D9 / Navamsha chart, they reveal what can be our best friend, and what can provide care or heal us.  So, if Venus is in Cancer in D1 or D9 then women will be a source of care and healing for you were as if Mars in Cancer in D1 or D9 it means that your or siblings are a source of healing and care or if Jupiter is in Cancer then your Guru or priest or a coach would be a source of care

The rising sign may not be as soft and gentle as the stereotype might envision as the constellation of Ashlesha (Cancer 16.20-30.00) can have a poisoned tongue and be prone to gossip and even the auspicious Pushya Nakshatra section (Cancer 3.20-16.40) can be prone to melancholy and depression and criticism with Saturn being the ruler.

Cancers have problems with being too dependent or clingy, hoarding, hypersensitivity, moody, and picking dysfunctional friends and partners.   They need to get more grounded so doing gardening, building, carpentry, and home-fix-it projects is helpful.  Increasing the fire element through active and fiery aerobic exercise is important to get the solar plexus enlivened and get the fire moving and avoid overeating and obsession with food and cooking and cleaning and this can help re-balance its nurturing nature.

Cancer rising may have blind spots to the following:  Blind to how self-centered they can be of all the signs.

  • Their emotional needs are more important than anyone.
  • Blind to domestic smothering that can happen.
  • Blind to boundaries—what to let in and what not to let in.
  • Blind to passive aggressiveness which may protect their own inner turmoil.
  • Clinging to family and security issues too much.
  • Blind to learning possessiveness—Cancers would rather lose a claw than let go of possessions. Learning not to hoard stuff, give to Goodwill regularly, and cleaning out clutter is very key.




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