By Barry Rosen
Jupiter retrograde is not good for business expansion and usually, by the end of the Jupiter retrograde period which goes until Nov. 23rd, we will get economic reports suggesting more contraction and recessionary energy in the economy. It is also a difficult time for marketing and marketing dollars are better spent during Jupiter direct.
At the moment, the hope is that the FOMC will raise rates less than .75 bps at the Sept 21st meeting is high and may create a temporary recovery and there is a current forecast for only a 22% chance for another .75 bps hike. Given the larger cycles we are looking at with stock market lows into late October, we have to assume that the market will react negatively to that hike.
We are writing this article as we approach the Mars/Uranus/Rahu conjunction the week of August 1-6th. Mars/Rahu can increase gambling energies and in the past, the Mars/Rahu conjunction created a high for the stock market. We do have a cycle high for the stock market due the week of August 1-5th and a correction is due on August 11th into the Sun square Uranus configuration and also just as Mars is moving into Taurus on August 10th and loses energy at the end of the sign of Aries and into early Taurus. The good news is that Mercury into Virgo on August 20 through its opposition with Jupiter into Sept. 18th should hold the stock market up and then the next FOMC meeting hits into Sept. 21st. With Venus going into Virgo Sept. 24-Oct. 18th and then the Sun hitting the max. debilitation into Oct. 25th into the Oct. 25 solar eclipse, we expect that prices will start down again.
We can see the NQ 100 futures recovering to 13800-13950 into mid-September and also the S & P 100 cash recovering to 4362 into September. The question is whether there are enough x-factor events like China/Pelosi/Taiwan in early August to create another sell-off into August 11-12th that we need to worry about. Whatever that sell-off is, it may be a buying opportunity for short-term traders.
Still, we are thinking that the S & P 500 will at least go to 3250 by the end of the year and only a mess in Europe with potential Nato/Russia conflict into January might lead to European money fleeing into the US stock market early next year. Still, the bear market for stocks will not be over until Nov 2023.
GOLD: The ancient text, the Brihat Samhita tells us to buy gold when the Sun goes into Leo and that seasonal tendency usually works August 16-Sept. 16th.
Gold has taken off since the FOMC meeting and should get to 1882 or 1900 before consolidating the rest of the year. It could go more. There are potential higher numbers if geopolitics get dicey. The next key cycle high for gold is into March 2023. We should get a retracement into mid-August to buy gold for a month but it has been manipulated by the bankers and paper gold for years and while we like projections eventually higher, we still need for gold to prove itself.
CYPTOS: While finally bouncing a bit, Bitcoin will have to take out 32500 to negate a secondary low into September or October. The Mars/Rahu/Uranus mess may give it a spurt up the week of August 1-4th but then a pullback into mid-August. Cryptos are very tied to the NQ 100 movement. With NQ due for a rally into mid-September, there may be hope that it will continue but then we worry about NQ falling into later in the year. We would rather buy Bitcoin if we got a pattern completion at 13300.
TECH STOCKS: They tend to like Mercury in Virgo and we can see the NQ 100 get up to 13850 or 13950 into the September high. More is possible depending on other factors. While there may be a trader’s play from August 11 into Sept 18th, it may be short-lived. Key stocks and favorites like TESLA project 950 and possibly higher but could still make new lows below the July low of 622 and get to 519 at some point into fall lows or into next year.
Tech stocks are beaten since their huge falls from their January highs to their July lows and bounces into September 18th may make good short-term money if bought at the right levels but we do not see a good long-term investment until the Nov. 2023 low.
As always, this is my snapshot thought for July 31st, 2022. New information comes in daily. If you are a trader or investor, consider my Fortucast newsletters that are daily at A trial subscription is 97.00/month.
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