Focus on Leo : Leadership and Balancing Material & Spiritual Existence

FOCUS ON LEO: The Complexity of Leadership, Ego and Independence.




KETU IN LEO: MAY 29, 2025-NOV 24, 2026 (TRUE NODE)

JUPITER IN LEO: OCT 31 2026-NOV 11, 2027

The Sun is the heart of the Kala Purusha and everyone derives power and vitality and health from his benevolent rays. He represents, courage, valor, royalty, fatherhood, victory and success. He will be strong and  home and strong in his own sign of Leo starting August 17th .    Mars will be aspecting Leo exactly into August 27th and will bring up anger and disputes but also great accomplishments.

Aries, Scorpio and Leo  will have to calm its fire energy and cool down and calm the solar plexus by putting on lavender oil on it, drinking coconut oil and releasing anger and frustration by screaming when no one is around.  Use vigorous exercise to work out excessive energy. Avoid getting into eg0-based fights and having to be right in a debate as someone is going to be left with bad feelings and regrets.  How important is being right?  Remember calming meditation and yoga and avoid spicy and hot foods so you do not feed the fires.

Scorpio rising with the 10th house transit will have career energized even if it comes at the cost of lots of arguing and fighting but Mars likes to fight so it will be happy with more fire energy in Leo. 

The trick with Leo is balancing  the desire for personal achievement with humanitarian needs.  Leo needs to be creative and expressive.  Leo is the sign of Individualization, a sign of majestic light and power and is the natural 5th sign of the zodiac which represents the creative urge of the Cosmic man to return to his Source.  The challenge of Leo is sometimes getting more caught in material values and not seeing the need to rise up and move toward humanitarian and global needs.  Good month to do service work and balance out your person needs


In Christian mythology, the Lion is the symbol of the Divine King. Those of you familiar with the Chronicles of Narnia books by C. S. Lewis, the Lion represents the Divine King and Christ. While we often think of Sun and career and status with Leo, we have to remember that it is very connected to the Divine. Vedic mythology connects Leo to Prajapati, the title given to Lord Brahma and Jupiter and indirectly it means the Lord of Consciousness and leaders of the new age and announcers of new cycles of evolution.

As Bepin Behari notes, the 5th sign of the zodiac is connected mystically to the five-pointed star that represents the Divine child holding the hand of the Father in heaven, but eager to jump into the material realm of earthly manifestation and hence Leos are always torn between material success and the quest to return to the Divine. The balancing act here is between the quest for fame and ego gratification, but the real need is to renounce the material and move toward spiritual freedom and liberation.

Leos are born leaders and often become successful lawyers, diplomats, and politicians, but they are likely to be crafty and cunning and deceitful if the Sun is poorly placed and can be selfish in their ambitious quests and if the Sun is weak they may become too lusty.

People with this rising sign, have problems with the air element or Vayu and hence Saturn and Rahu need to be strong or strengthened in their charts. Increasing the water element and cooling off the heat with swimming is essential and not doing intense aerobic energy like running is important to make sure the air element does not get out of balance.

Archetypically, the king needs good servants to be successful and hence needs a good relationship with Saturn and yet Leos have the most difficulty with Saturn. Health and longevity can be an issue if Saturn and Rahu are not well-placed in the natal birth chart.

If the Sun is afflicted or the 1st house is afflicted, Leos also have to deal with vanity, arrogance, boasting, condescension, domineering, having problems with subordinates, power hunger, and letting career take over their lives and create imbalances.


Saturn owns the 7th house for Leos and marriage is not an easy experience since the 7th house lord is co-owned by enemies Rahu and Saturn. Saturn challenges the royal authority and if Leo is not careful, their partners can enjoy humiliating them or bringing the royal ego to Earth.

Jupiter can be a good planet for Leo, but it also rules the negative 8th house, which can sometimes cause problems or create unexpected experiences. Still, if the Sun is well-placed in a Jupiter sign, it has a strong benefic influence for joy and enthusiasm and rapture.

The Moon is a difficult planet for Leo as it owns the 12th house and can create loneliness and isolation and a feeling of not being understood. This can lead to emotional stress and mental suffering.

Mars is the best planet for Leo owning the 9th and 4th houses and is Raj Yoga karaka, but the 9th house has a Badhaka relationship which can create problems with religion, Gurus, and father figures particularly if malefics impact Aries or Mars in the chart. Still, the Sun gets exalted in the auspicious 9th house and will give strength and the ability to be a strong and wise/spiritual leader. With Mars owning the 4th and 9th houses, they often have a strong relationship with their parents but will be better at fathering than mothering and need to harmonize their masculine and feminine sides of their personality.

The Sun when strong in a Leo chart creates a person not easy to get along with as they tend to dominate and many will have problems with this. The King archetype in Jungian psychology innate has people wanting to knock the king with his strong ego off the throne and it is no wonder our Leo President in the United States, Donald Trump is always fighting for his life in this way.

If the Sun is in Libra, it will bring a lack of confidence and wanting to always do things in partnership. Also, this rising sign is prone to getting into affairs since Libra is the relationship sign. Personalities may be more pushy and egocentric and this makes relationship energy difficult to manage.

Mercury is considered a neutral planet for Leo since it owns the 2nd and 11th houses. Thus Mercury tends to emphasize money and material gains for Leos. Mercury represents the Prince who serves the king, but also the son who wants to undermine his father’s authority. Hence, Mercury and the Sun can have a challenging relationship if Mercury is poorly placed as in Pisces where inconsistent income can plague Leos.

Venus owns the 3rd and 10th houses and brings luxury and sexual and professional energies to Leos, but is not considered a good planet. The 3rd house is a house of carnal and primary desire and it can tempt Leos in the workplace as the archetype of the king is used to access his harem.

Jupiter owns the 5th and 8th houses for Leos and is considered a benefit, but can sometimes bring 8th house problems, but often just generates a mystical mind deeply keen into research. The 5th and 8th house connection may create financial astrologers or people interested in speculation using occult means. Still, Jupiter always anoints Leos with the ability to think big and that is always a blessing.



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