The nodes move slowly backward through the Zodiac and when they shift they have a long-term influence. In the Mean Node system, Ketu moves into the constellation of Arcturus (Swati in Libra, 6.40-20.00) on Oct 18th and stays there for over 8 months.   Swati is owned by Rahu and Rahu is transiting through Bharani Nakshatra (Aries 13.20-26.40) until Feb. 2023. 

People born in Swati nakshatra (ie having their moon or Rising Sign)  have a very material pursuit in life and Venus which owns Libra luxuriates in comfort and Rahu amplifies the desire for materialism.  Eventual dissatisfaction may turn people more toward spirituality depending on other indications in the chart.   Swati’s presiding deity is Vayu the God of wind.  Transits through here can stir up more cyclones and hurricanes and tornadoes around the world.  People born in this nakshatra are very loyal, intelligent, fair, and have the ability to serve, they have very balanced personalities. Many rich people are born in this nakshatra but after attaining wealth and comfort the person is not satisfied with life. They eventually get tired being pursuing materialistic pleasure and turn to spirituality.

Ketu is dissatisfied with this Nakshatra as it dislikes the material world. It may try to destroy the material world because it cannot deal with the conflict.  It struggles here and brings up storms and the lesson here is to learn detachment and balance. Given the precarious economic times, we live in with the stock market and bond markets, this transit should bring more chaos and our mundane astrology work suggests this, particularly for the 4th quarter and early 1st quarter.  

Relationships are going to be a huge source of transformation until Feb. with Rahu in Venus’s constellation and Ketu in Venus’s sign.  Ketu wants to reject sexuality and Rahu wants to revel in it.  There will be a great deal of anxiety about relationships and the ability to meet the demands of others.  There can be fights about buying more stuff and Ketu wants to reject the material world and Rahu wants more. 

The solar eclipse this year on Oct 23rd is at 7.49 Libra in Swati Nakshatra and will spearhead transformation for the Libra/Aries axis if you are ruled by Mars or Venus.  More problematic will be Rahu moving into Ketu’s nakshatra of Ashwini in Feb. and there will be an exchange of nakshatras we will write more about this at a later date.




The Sun moves into the constellation of Arcturus (Swati in Libra, 6.40-20.00) Oct. 24-Nov. 6th.

Sun is weakest in the constellation of Swati on the enemy side of Libra because it tends to lose confidence and may misuse its power in the wrong way.  Not a great transit given the state of some world leaders, like the Prince in Saudi Arabia   In its insecurity, they may try to control and abuse others. Joe Biden’s Moon is at 7 degrees Aries on this axis and the eclipse could lead to health issues or a fall in status and power.

The Sun is debilitated in Libra where it may tend to sacrifice its principles and leadership abilities to get along with people and do it together. Hence it loses its power and leadership which may thrive more in isolation.   There may be a lack of confidence where individuality gets lost in the group.  If the Sun is not afflicted by other planets in your natal chart, this can lead to good team players who can do better in groups than doing it alone.   The Sun’s placement here would rather do things together than be independent and be subject to the challenges of working in groups and dealing with dissenting opinions and losing its power to lead.  If the Sun is afflicted, it may get out of balance and be too tyrannical and demanding and lack compassion and good leadership qualities.  While being more diplomatic, people born with Sun in Libra often fail to inspire or draw upon their power.

The Sun represents our inner Divinity and in Libra, it may get drawn more into a relationship and sexual intrigue rather than following its essential nature to be meditation and seeking Oneness with the Creator.  Hence it can move out of Dharma and forget its purpose.   The Sun is debilitated in the constellation of Swati (Libra 6.40-20.00) which is a very material constellation ruled by Rahu and here the Sun forgets its spiritual mission and gets caught up in the material world.

If the Sun has no other major afflictions from Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu, then the positive side of the Sun in Libra may create humble souls who are capable of working for the good of mankind in humanitarian groups and not get caught up in power and ego trips. I have seen this very positive quality in working with people at ashrams where there are a large number of people celebrating birthdays between Oct. 17-Nov.16th.

If you are Leo rising and have Sun in Libra (born Oct. 17-Nov. 16th)  you may tend to develop more health issues particularly if you deplete your energies with excessive sexual indulgences and conquests.   You may lack the courage and leadership to inspire others because you lack the inner confidence to support others and this may lead to becoming a tyrannical boss to over-compensate for your own lack of self-esteem.

The key during this transit until Nov. 6th is to favor the diplomatic energy of Libra and listen to others and give others a voice when they complain.   The good news about the Sun’s absolute debilitation in the sign of Libra into Oct. 27th, it that is lifted up by Venus’s conjunction with Venus going into Libra Oct. 18th-Nov. 11th which can help with teamwork activities and at the same time it is still channeling Rahu, which may promote poor self-evaluation and blind spots, health problems, and problems with the father.


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