Saturn and Finding the Bright Side in Troubled Times

Saturn is the lord of time and he creates delays and obstructions to move us into the present moment. Can we enjoy the present moment and smell the roses or are we forever impatient with frustration and desire? Saturn delays us to remind us of what is important. We have to learn this lesson during this time of crisis or cower in fear.

Saturn thrives through hard work, responsibility, meditation, and caution. It is the tortoise in which slow and steady wins the race and it cultivates patience so that we slow down and enjoy the slow, steady ride. Saturn thrives on meditation, introspection, and the quest for enlightenment. Saturn wants to move us toward perfection, but in the end, he slows us down and is too cautious to get us all the way. Saturn is a “No” person vs. Jupiter the “Yes” person. He thrives on rules and boundaries and inhibits expansion. Sometimes this energy is necessary.

The dark side of an afflicted Saturn is self-flagellation which can create low self-esteem. Saturn can be the bad high school gym coach that beats us into shape by making us run the extra mile so that we might win the championship. When weak, Saturn can create depression, loneliness, and frustration.

From a social perspective, Saturn represents the common, but an essential worker. Saturn governs the construction and is down to earth and delights in building infrastructure and manifesting in the material world. He delights in the earth, in getting back to nature and leaving city life. Saturn enjoys farming and shunning the complexity of city life and the world. To honor Saturn, one must be real, practical, and humble. Saturn requires integrity. Saturn requires us to do our work and not rely on others.

Saturn wants to be real and authentic in relationships. He requires no-nonsense and will take no prisoners. The truth is important. Saturn requires us to be logical and talk in precise language as opposed to the wild dreamy speculations of Pisces.

Saturn has a very spiritual side and loves retreats, meditation, yoga, and solitude. He delights in transcending the senses which are the ultimate reality of death [another realm of which Saturn rules]. Karmically, Saturn asks if we are willing to face the difficulties of our past karma with grace and move toward spirituality.

Our planet is going through a huge trial now. Saturn is giving us a chance to look at the way we run our world and decide if it needs to be reorganized. Years of financial abuse by our government and spending money on military adventurism while not taking care of our infrastructure are going to come up for deep examination during Saturn’s stay in Capricorn.

Saturn’s connection to Capricorn, the natural 10th sign of the zodiac, makes it materially ambitious. Saturn succeeds when it shoulders its responsibilities and preserves through difficulties. Saturn requires us to commit to the world and uplift society using the spiritual side of Saturn. If we get too caught up in material achievement, we can drown in its excesses and accumulate too much stress. The challenge is to work hard (without complaining) and realize that hard work and responsibility are part of a mature life.

We will get through this crisis, but it may be a longer and more difficult process than we now imagine. No astrologer can predict the future with 100% accuracy nor say precisely when these challenges will end. It will take our collective free will to make bold and compassionate choices necessary to change our world. This process is just beginning.


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