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By Barry Rosen


Larger cycles for the first few weeks of November suggest crisis energy.  That would seem more likely in the world bond markets and the crazy new world of currencies but the other markets will get dragged in.  This is partially there with a Total Lunar Eclipse over the US on election day and the impact of higher US rates coming on Nov. 2nd when the FOMC meets.  The US is creating a crisis by raising rates to tame inflation but other countries are in worse shape from it as they are behind the curve. 

World finance is an inter-connected chain of dominoes, where fund managers bet on trends and when they are wrong, they can get into big trouble. In October, the UK pension fund system almost collapsed were it not for massive intervention from the Bank of England.  The Bank of Japan has suffered a huge crisis in the last week with no one buying their 10-Year Bond notes and the Yen hit 32-year lows against the Dollar. . Credit Suisse, a pinnacle of Swiss conservatism needed 6 billion from the FED to save it.  This is mainstream news in the financial world but you may not hear about it on CNN. 

We are in unusual times on the global chessboard and you have to dig beyond the propaganda of mass media to get to the truth.  Our politicians want to take out Russia and will sacrifice Europe in the process they are in self-destruction mode with their debt crisis, energy crisis, and food crisis and they think only. Europe is protesting around it already with mass demonstrations and wanting to get out of NATO.  They are not stupid.  

This is a prelude to WW3 if our politicians are stupid enough to go there and it is an ugly cloud over everything.  The Astrology suggests that NATO could challenge Russia in January or March or April of next year and Europe will go to war. They are already imploding with their Green energy crisis which had very short-sighted planning.  If you want to be a conspiracy person, it’s not hard to see that you control people more when they have trouble getting food, heating their homes, and are in danger of being attacked at war. 

They are larger world economic issues pending with the implosion of world debt that needs to happen—and politicians want it to happen. It will happen first in Europe as weekly chart patterns on the Euro suggest a fall to 50 to the dollar and it does not take a rocket scientist to see where they are going with energy and war.    The US will hold up in comparison to the rest of the world but we are one world family and the US will get dragged under probably in about 3 years.     

  In the end, the US is the center of the world and will be the last to fall even if China and Russia, and the BRICS are closer to creating a new monetary system.  Europe has a good chance of going to war with Russia by early January or possibly March and that might save the US market for a bit as European money pours into the US in the first quarter or even into 2nd quarter but it will all go away into Nov. 2023.    

The first five months of the year look like the stock market could recover into the Jupiter/Rahu conjunction in Aries into late May and seasonally stocks are higher usually then.   We look at cycles into 2023 and we are probably looking at a major cycle low into late Oct. 2023 with a secondary low into late Nov. 2023.    Should be thinking 2290 on the S & P by then?   The good news is there seems to be a recovery into Dec. 2024 and into January 2026 from there. Is that the point that NATO is at war with Russia and European money pours into the US as it did in World Wars 1 and 2?   If the bull market somehow manages to come back there is a cycle high into January 2026 but so many x-factors with the Great Reset are in the works.  Can the white hats thwart George Soros and Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum and the Globalists who want to rule the world?  If you are not aware of what is going on, you had better wake up and do something on the local governmental level.


For now, we are not thinking that 3660 on futures will come out in November and that suggests that we are more likely to get up to 4100-4150 on the S & P cash at best.   Given the delayed election and ballot harvesting accusations happening already, you can sense another crazy election. We also have the CPI on Thursday, Nov. 10th and the market has had extreme reactions to it.

Our cycle work suggests that the Dec. 4th low takes out 3500 and maybe gets to 3430 or 3230 for a divergent low.  We are friendly for 1st quarter and a cycle high into late May.  We are not willing to suggest that 4800 will come out on the S & P, but there are Elliott Wave patterns that could still allow a new weekly chart cycle. If world bonds and currencies fail, the world could pour their money into the US stock market and that could make it happen.  

At worst this year, the  S & P 500 will at least go to 3250 by the end of the year and only a mess in Europe with a potential Nato/Russia conflict into January might lead to European money fleeing into the US stock market early next year and allowing a first recovery in the first half of the year.    

GOLD:   Gold almost issued a buy signal rallying from 1618 to 1720. In terms of pattern, it did a five wave rally so it should complete more into the Venus/Jupiter trine and the Sun/Neptune  into Nov. 14-16th.  We do sense it will still come off again into December but the larger cycle high is not until March 2023.

CRYPTOS:   Bitcoin is showing signs of bottoming but rumors of more legislation have the market down hard at publication.  The market never got to the 13330 area and rallies have failed terribly late.   We have hopes for a recovery into Nov. 16th with NQ.    We have a cycle high into Nov 15th for Bitcoin and Jupiter station on Nov. 23rd should be good for Bitcoin as their chart is ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius.    Still we may get one more low in December.

The reality of Bitcoin as a haven is slowly losing its luster.  Who takes Bitcoin at the supermarket or gas station or to pay your utility bills?     The recovery cycle is into April 17th and would go back to 47500 for a 62% retracement and that is if regulators do not continue to destroy cryptos. They do not want anyone to control the monetary system besides themselves.  Three or four cryptos have gone bankrupt and the war against Ripple and XRP continues with legal suits.

TECH STOCKS:  Tech stocks have been a disaster this year and last week all five major players, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon tanked on bad earnings.   Tesla is bouncing but may not take out 260 and could hit 140 at some point.   Is the worst over?  They are due for a bounce but our major cycle low for stocks is not until Oct. 2023 so there may be trader’s bounce from Dec-May but you have to pick stocks out carefully.  Tech stocks are most hurt by higher rates.   

As always, this is my snapshot thought for Nov. 8, 2022.  New information comes in daily. If you are a trader or investor, consider my Fortucast newsletters which are published daily at  A trial subscription is 97.00/month. 

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Barry Rosen has been practicing Vedic astrology since 1987. He has visited and studied in India on 4 occasions and has spoken numerous times at the American Council of Vedic Astrology Conferences in Sedona, AZ since 1999 and also the British Association of Vedic Astrologers in London since 2006. He has been involved in Vedic culture since 1973 and is a long-time meditation and yoga teacher and a published poet. He has had many Vedic astrology teachers including Komilla Sutton, Marc Boney, Robert Koch, and has taken a number of mini-seminars from Sanjay Rath. In the last seven years, he has moved away from his specialty in Investment and Mundane astrology to his fascination with the psychological and spiritual dimensions of Vedic astrology.

He is the author of five books on Vedic astrology including The 2018-2020 Vedic Almanac series, Finding Your Blind Spots Using Vedic Astrology, Signs of LIfe from the Astrological Zodiac: The Spiritual Dimensions of Planets, Signs, and Houses in Vedic Astrology and Mysteries of Saturn and Capricorn: Mastering the Energies for Growth and Transformation. They are all also available through Amazon.

He has been teaching classes in Investment Astrology since 1990 and began teaching the other aspects of Vedic astrology specialized courses online since 2017, including Dashas, Transits, Personal Finance, Health, Longevity and Death, Nakshatras, The Spiritual Dimensions of Vedic Astrology, Secrets of the Houses, Relationships and many more.

In his consultations, he focuses more on the emotional and mental patterns in the chart and their impact on consciousness which can create waves of illusion blocking you. A good consultation should help you witness the play of karma so that you are not gripped by it; you can transcend it and realize your own Divinity, becoming the commander of the planets and not the victim.

Barry Rosen also operates a blog on Facebook under Barry Rosen and also Astro-Yoga and his professional astrological website is He can be reached at



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