Sun in Scorpio–Nov. 16-Dec. 15th

Mercury in Scorpio-Nov 13-Dec 2

Venus in Scorpio-Nov. 11-Dec. 5th

We are approaching Scorpio season  with Venus moving in today and  the Sun moving into that sign on Nov 16th

Scorpio is a sign of depth and intensity with intense emotions that are hardly conducive to emotional balance and well-being. It is watery too – but Scorpio represents swamps, so it is connected to stagnant water.  It is connected to mystery, to the natural 8th sign house of the zodiac to death and transformation, and spiritual and occult knowledge.   It is a Brahman sign and creates deeply spiritual individuals for old souls but for new souls it can be filled with deep kundalini energy that can be intense to handle and gets discharged sexually.  Ayurveda connects it to the private parts and the anus and that can bring in its darker side but on a higher level at its most mystical level, it is connected to deep kundalini energy that needs to be drawn up the spine to reach the crown chakra and blossom into Self-realization. If spiritual initiation fails, intense life of sexual frustration and bottled-up energy can happen.   The Western astrological stereotype of Scorpios can easily manifest into a deep sexual appetite, aggressive acquisition of wealth, and unscrupulous methods for attaining wealth with deep personal ambition.

Scorpio is an intense sign of the zodiac and has many blind spots and Venus in Scorpio may experience some.  Blind spots for Scorpios include having trouble making changes around work home and relationships as a fixed sign and being too often filled with emotional upheavals and being too manipulative to avoid emotional upheaval and this leads to being controlling. Scorpions must learn how to open their hearts without ambition or fear or control!

Ketu is the primary ruler of Scorpio which is the natural house of transformations, mistakes, loss of consciousness, and past karma. Each planet in the 8th house shows our unawareness and past mistakes so it represents core blind spots in our life that our soul has. It is like a factory error in our life that we are blind to when we buy it.   A planet placed in Scorpio naturally gets connected to past lives and core-level blind spots.

Scorpio teaches us that our original mistake is the identification with the body as the self when it is so much more as Ketu and the 8th house remind us of our mystical inner Divinity and sometimes we are prompted to do this by going through the 8th house challenges like divorce, acute illness and litigation to remember that life is so much bigger and so we can be prompted to discover God.

Scorpios lead a deeply frustrated life but also one of achievement.  They are unable to reveal the depth of suffering and despair to their friends who may see only their outer achievements.   The natural 8th sign of the zodiac ties them to deep past lives of suffering and past karma that need to be worked out.    Any planet in Scorpio will suggest deep past life karma for that signification to be worked out. Sun in Scorpio may suggest deep karmic issues with the father etc while Venus in Scorpio may mean deep karmic past lives with a spouse.

The solution for Scorpio is Jupiter and the ability to be involved in knowledge and access the power of the Guru and implement spiritual teaching. If this does not happen then it is easy to get entangled in a world of upheavals and this may lead
to getting gripped by obsessive power plays and fantasies.  Jupiter owns the 2nd and 5th houses and suggests that the wisdom of Jupiter and having a spiritual Guru can uplift Scorpios and there is a need for high ethics, selfless service, meeting social obligations, and studying the Vedas.

Scorpios have an odd relationship with the Moon.   Even though it owns the 9th house, it is badhaka which means that Scorpios may be subject to deep karmic issues with Gurus, their father, or with religious or spiritual organizations. I often find that Scorpios are prone to spiritual by-passing which means using spiritual practice to not deal with their emotional and psychological grunge.  If the moon is weak in a Scorpio chart, there can be huge tidal waves of emotional upsurge and a non-spiritual person will turn to drugs and alcohol or sex to deal with that energy whereas a spiritual person may hide out in meditation. In either case, unless those energies are transformed there is no healthy healing.  The key to the Scorpio moon is to express one’s emotional blocks. Do breath work to unblock the emotions and do the yoga pose the Eagle which forces the emotions to get entangled and unblocked.

Mercury is the most difficult planet for Scorpio even if it supports income.  Intellectualism and carnal play are the greatest pitfalls to Scorpio.  They need to act and move through intuition and not get caught in their head.    Mercury is too argumentative and logical for Scorpios.    They can get trapped by Mercury’s wit and create deep sarcastic energies that are destructive.

Venus governs the 7th and 12th and hence it acts like a Greek Siren and can drain Scorpio’s vital fluids and take him off his spiritual quest for moksha and Self-Realization.  Venus can also seduce Scorpio into too much material comfort and pull him off a deeper quest.

Ketu co-owns Scorpio and can be the primary owner and gives deep spiritual depth to Scorpio whereas Rahu is debilitated in Scorpio and creates deep problems with addiction and getting lost in the subconscious swamp.

Saturn owns the 4th house making their emotional heart very vulnerable to life’s uncertainties and creating deep fears that force them to control others and their environment rather than be emotionally vulnerable.  On a deep level, Saturn makes them aware of their vulnerable emotional nature and leads to deep issues of control and rigidity to function in the world.

Scorpios have problems with the space element and may have trouble getting grounded and leading to too much meditation or living too much in the intuitive and spiritual realms. They need to do weight training and grounding exercises, community, and contact with the Guru to pull them out.

Enjoy the transits through Scorpio and enjoy its deep psychological depth as well as its mystical side.


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