The bright spot for the week is that Jupiter now is turning direct today Wednesday, Nov. 23rd, and will continue in Pisces until April 21st. Jupiter is very powerful in the sky when it is stationary and a week after its stationary action and it seems a wonderful time for Thanksgiving cheer and family and feelings of joy and expansion. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter so Thanksgiving Day will be particularly powerful.

We have so much to be grateful for and we need to daily thank the Divine for all the wonderful people in our lives, our teachers, our partners, our children and pets, the blessings of Mother Earth, our co-workers, and everyone that provide support and love in our lives.

Jupiter has a lot to do with marketing and expansion and delays in expanding and moving forward from the retrograde action since last July will be lifted in business so that things will happen more easily now.

Jupiter governs the higher mind, wisdom, religion, charity, good deeds, children, husbands, and the Kapha element (earth/water) in Ayurveda. Its movement forward now should improve all these things. Still, there is a lot of background noise with the Moon in Scorpio the next two days where emotional depression and a bummed-out feeling can take over so take time to be grateful for all that you have.

Jupiter is very powerful in the sky as he is the closest he has been to the earth since 1975 so the blessings of God and Guru and Grace are so tangible. Pisces is such a spiritual sign so its a great time for meditation retreats and a deep dive into the infinite.  As Jupiter moves into Revati Nakshatra on Feb 25th, he connects with the god Pushan, who ferries us to the afterlife or Enlightenment and merges with the Divine.   Some child prophecies had been seen many years ago that the next few years would be a time for many to get Enlightened and we have a sense that the energy of Jupiter in Revati in conjunction with the 47-year closeness of Jupiter to the earth could create a chance for Moksha for those who are ready and blessed with Grace.

Take time to thank the Divine for all the times that you are taken care of and rescued.  You are love and you are Love. Never doubt it. Happy Thanksgiving.

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