JAN 17, 2023-MARCH 29, 2025

Saturn moves into Aquarius on Jan 17th  and maybe a bigger event than usual given the global changes happening on our planet.     Saturn in Aquarius forces us to reevaluate our social circles and groups we hang out with and either transform our relationships with them or leave them.  If we have too many groups we belong to, we will be forced to prioritize what is important.  Either we get more involved in our community with a deep sense of service or we feel ready to run away and move depending on how afflicted Saturn gets.  With  Rahu in Aries in March 2022, it will be aspected by Saturn creating a deeper sense to create revolutionary change in our communities and societies.


While the Covid Crisis is over, many people are still in PTSD stress levels from wearing masks and being concerned about going out.  New variants that are immune to boosters are a new bother.     People are still evaluating our community relationships that have been forced online onto Zoom and venturing cautiously back to being with real people again, socializing and developing new friendships.  After two years of isolation, we may throw ourselves strongly into too many groups and Jupiter in Pisces will also idealize the potential.  Still have to learn to evaluate our new groups with a more critical eye.

Aquarius is a very technologically active sign, filled with ideas and inventions and even more technological advances which make our lives easier and hopefully less restrictive than we experience with Big Brother snoop technology with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn.

Societal advance is more powerful.   Aquarius really wants to create community and society and will use powerful energies and put individual differences aside to make things work. Will this be a larger embrace of Marxism and the Green New Deal or something bigger will be needed?   Some of the larger societal cycles suggest that Marxism and the growth toward more societal care will increase through 2027 with Saturn in Pisces also.

In terms of Ayurvedic astrology, Aquarius is connected to calves and ankles and if you had problems here, they may be released as Saturn is back in its sign.

Saturn in Capricorn brought a loss of group and an emphasis on self-preservation with the Covid crisis.  Capricorn is the base chakra where survival instincts dominate.  Aquarius is more interested in connecting to society and preserving it so will there be hope for the government finally?

The Saturn/Pluto connection of 2020-2022 brought power trips by governmental leaders and if Jupiter in Aries with Rahu in May does not create enough rebellion, then Saturn into Aquarius will tear down the Plutocrats and their power trips.  It has been becoming clearer how corrupt the government is and how little they care for the people and now Saturn in Aquarius will attempt to rebuild and restructure society.  The new Republican congress with its new committee to check governmental imbalances is a step in this direction.

Many of the transformations from Covid like working at home will continue as technology continues to advance and take over. Advances in Biotechnology will be more rapid and the question is whether consciousness is developed enough that scientists are more interested in curing than creating massive new genetically engineered illnesses.  We think Saturn in Aquarius may bring back ethics and scrutiny when the truths of Covid and vaccines come to light.

Aquarius is a very science-orientated science but it has a spiritual depth and a probing philosophical undercurrent that will search deeply for truth and restore the lost ethics of the corrupt science of Capricorn where science was used to make money and the Vaccine companies and their media megaphones spent months brainwashing us on the saving the world through vaccines rather than common sense good health.    Can Saturn in Aquarius bring more spirituality back into science and lead us out of the lack of ethics that has crashed our world?

With the US Pluto Return exact into April 2024 and impacting into 2025  and within 2 degrees starting in April 2024, the old ways of doing things have to go.  The likelihood of the US vanishing as a leader of the world and China taking over is very strong.  Like Britain, the US will move away from the center and will have to deal with years of unbalanced budgets and crooked manipulations, and corruption.  Will Saturn in Aquarius finally wake people up to change the US and throw out their greedy politicians that care little for helping others and are more interested in power games and filling their coffers?  I suspect Saturn in Aquarius will bring the power to change society but not before a crisis has moved it to the edge.  Rahu moves into Aquarius from May  2025 until Nov. 2026 and will finish the huge transformation of the world.

Saturn in Aquarius is the master conductor, fully in its power in Aquarius and ready to transform society harmonically.

Need help understanding the impact of Saturn in Aquarius on your chart? If you are in a Saturn Mahadasha or an Aquarius period or are ruled by Capricorn or Aquarius, the impact will be the greatest. Also if you are Aries or Leo or Scorpio rising or moon signs, the new aspects from Saturn to those signs will be felt more.   Sign up for a consultation by clicking on the Consultation tab at 

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