Venus will be very strong in the sky in Taurus for a month and only afflicted by a 30-degree aspect from Rahu.  The first part of the transit in the constellation of Krittika (Pada 2)  April 6-9th is more troubling as it can lead to stormy emotions, relationship problems, strong emotional reactions, and misperceptions of reality.

If you are Taurus or Libra rising or have a strong Venus in your chart, it is a good time for feeling expansive, refined, pleasant, comfortable, kind, generous, artistic, and strong in relationship skills.

Taurus brings the blessings of Krishna and Shiva and is one of the more material signs of abundance. This transit with Venus in its sign creates a Malavya Yoga for Taurus rising and indicates the highest manifestation of Venus’s qualities so it is a good time to enjoy good food, the arts, and home while pursuing partnerships and romance.  Finances can be good depending on what cycle you are running as transits are 20% of impact with dashas being 80%.   It is a time to feel at home and to move forward solidly in your life with lots of Grace.

Libra rising will experience an eighth house transit of Venus in its sign and this is a time for personal transformation and unexpected money coming from lotteries, insurance, or other unexpected sources. Meditation and spiritual experience could be powerful and so a good time to take a spiritual retreat and withdraw from the senses.


While not well known, Rahu throws a 30-degree/2nd house aspect, and because Rahu is in Aries, it still impacts Taurus.   Venus, the planet of luxury, beauty, and sensual pleasure, is friends with Rahu, the planet of desire. They are good friends and their associates increase material cravings. This can increase sensual desire for sweets, sexual activity, shopping, or going on a buying spree.

Be aware of this association because the tendency may be to over-eat too many sweets or not be satisfied by your partner–no matter how often they are there. It can also create overspending if you feel a lack from not getting enough sensual attention. A good balance and solution are to schedule a massage if Venus is not feeling complete rather than indulging in excessive shopping or eating too much chocolate. Better, yet, find other ways to love yourself rather than looking for it outside of yourself.

Venus in Taurus is a bright spot this month and will counteract many of the heavy associations including Saturn trining Ketu within 3 degrees on April 1-May 6th and Saturn throwing a 60-degree aspect to Rahu exactly in the true node system into April 13th and the Solar Eclipse at 5 degrees Aries that will happen on April 20th.  We will discuss these in a later article.

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