There are a number of difficult associations for the month of April that will create emotional challenges:

Mars in Exchange with Mercury puts Mars in Aries with Rahu again.

Saturn aspects Rahu (60 degrees)

Saturn aspects Ketu (120 degrees

Jupiter at the end of Pisces

Saturn into Capricorn Navmsha in Aquarius.

The exchange of signs between Gemini and Aries and Mars and Mercury until May 10th puts Mars back into Aries with Rahu and can create furious bouts of anger and rage.  It can increase subconscious fear and increase violence and sexual adventurism and can lead to recklessness and accidents.  The aspect of Saturn to Rahu which is exact in the mean node system on April 13th and in the true node system into April 20th increases anxiety and subconscious fear and increases impatience and restless energy and workaholic energy.  Be sure to calm these energies by slowing down, drinking your calming herbal teas and making sure to get your meditation in. 

Satun and Ketu are in a trinal relationship between 8-11 degrees Aquarius to Libra between April 1st and May 6th.  While Ketu does not aspect anything because it has no desire, Saturn has a 50% aspect onto Ketu and they are conjunct in the D9 chart.   You may face difficult problems but use the energy to grow and move through the past.   Ultimately this aspect can make things fall apart in the material world and it should point you to your spiritual nature.  Saturn wants you to be responsible but Ketu wants to let go of your responsibilities and it can create a deep clash in the mind.  Find a way to focus and move through the crisis and ultimately we all have to be responsible. 

Jupiter moves into the end of Pisces or the Gandanta April 11-20th  and is combust until April 26th.  The combustion creates false optimism but Jupiter, the karaka for good judgment, and the liver is damaged and you are going to have to dig deep to make the proper decisions.  Avoid heavy and oily foods to support the liver and avoid heavy cheese –especially during the spring and Kalpha season when the cold and damp elements create natural heaviness.

Jupiter at 27-29.59 Pisces has strength because it is vargottama and increases spiritual energies but it is still the karmic knot where there is a sense of feeling stuck and being able to move forward.  Deep karma needs to be unraveled and transformed.   There is more turbulence at the end of the sign and there is a tendency to want to leave relationships, and jobs and move to deal with the inner turmoil.  Remember, wherever you go, there you are.

Spiritually the constellation of Revati is about enlightenment which means dissolving our inner ego and moving beyond suffering. It will require letting go of the past and facing the deep and dark truths and then when Jupiter moves into Aries, you will be shot out of a cannon with new energy and a new start.

   Saturn moves into the Capricorn section of Aquarius (10-13.20 –April 16-August 9th)  and will stay there a long time as it goes retrograde on June 17th. While in its own sign, it can be too strong and increase pain and suffering.  The energy in Aquarius has to be channeled into healing society and serving your community to move beyond your pain.  Do more community service work.

Finally, the Solar eclipse is on April 20th at 5 degrees Aries and is too close to the Rahu/Saturn sextile of 60 degrees.  We will write more about this eclipse later but it seems to be a bit more heavy than many.

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my favorite books:

I always am inspired by this quote from my favorite book:

Emmanuel’s Book: A Guide to Living in the Cosmos.

Fear of the unknown is forgetfulness.

There is no such thing

as the “unknown”

to the soul.

There is a natural fear and resistance

when one does not recall

one’s own Divinity.

You are safe. You are safe.

You are infinitely safe.

Oh, my dears,

if I could only make it possible

for you to experience the loving, gentle kindness

of the universe,

the balance, the fairness,

the sweetness and the joy.

there would never be another moment of fear

in your entire lives

And that is true. 

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