If I had not had so many experiences with Pluto, I could easily disavow this tiny planet but its power is anything but tiny.  It will be stationary direct on May 1st at 6.11 Capricorn in the sidereal zodiac and if you have any planets at 5-7 degrees Capricorn or Taurus or Cancer or Libra in your natal chart you will feel its impact most. Usually 5 days before and after the station, its power is felt so that is through May 6th

As it stations to go retrograde, I often experience intense energy in my solar plexus and great energy and that also may be because I am Scorpio rising which is a sign connected most to Pluto.     While not a traditional Vedic planet, the great Vedic astrologer, Nirendra Desai used the outer planets.  Dennis Harness notes that according to Mr. Desai, he saw an ancient Vasistha Nadi palm leaf in a museum in Madras, India, which predicted that three important grahas or planets would be discovered by the jyotishis of the Kali Yuga. The great seer Vasistha was the author of several hymns in the Rg Veda (dated 3000 BC) and was considered a great priest of the kings. According to the ancient palm leaf, the names of the grahas or planets would be Prajapati, Varuna, and Yama. The palm leaf went on to reveal that the jyotishis of Kali Yuga would need to decipher the significance and meaning of these powerful grahas. It was refreshing to hear a traditional Jyotishi from India speak with such an open mind toward the influence of the outer planets.”

He goes on to say that Pluto is probably connected to Lord Yama:

“ In Hindu mythology, Yama is the god of death and agent of Lord Shiva. Yama means “the binder, restrainer” who keeps mankind in check. … He is a deity that demands sacrifice and discipline. He decides which actions of humans bear or do not bear fruit. Yama then judges the dead whom his messengers drag before his throne. His aide, Chitragupta catalogues the karma of all human beings and replays the major life events helping the soul realize its life’s work.” See:

Western astrologers connect Pluto with transformation through the destruction of the old and can be likened to Shiva.  Pluto’s impact is often not subtle as it can bring death and destruction if we ignore its quest to change and transform. Pluto afflicted tries to take control of everything and hence it can create metaphorical deaths.  The houses that it transits are impacted in transit and are reminders that we can no longer patch up what is wrong and that we have done a remodel job.  The old is destroyed so rebirth can happen.   Pluto often creates changes that seem beyond your control. I like to think of it as surrendering to Divine Will and knowing that God has a plan for you, even if its lessons seem painful at the moment.  The Pluto transits require total trust and surrender that something better is being created as something old is destroyed. If you find yourself in such a situation, you have to dig deep for faith and total trust in the Divine.

Pluto moves very slowly but it is very close to the natal chart Pluto in the US 1776 chart which is at 6.49. Hence it will have a strong impact on the US over the next few years for major transformation –and we have been feeling it. It can increase political extremism, valance and corruption, and abuse of power as we saw during Covid.  We have written about the impact on the US chart and because when the transit is exact in May 2024, it gets a Jupiter trine from Taurus, we are hopeful for a positive transformation. 

Whatever house is connected to Capricorn in your natal chart is going to experience a great deal of change and transformation but this is a long process and it began in 2020 and continues into 2040.  For example, if you are Sagittarius rising, then changes will occur around 2nd house matters such as family and finance and powerful speech, you may be forced to make changes in your business to create new sources of income.  We cannot list all the combinations in this short article.

So what does Pluto Retrograde Mean?

Pluto’s powers of transformation and regeneration become more powerful now into late September. For some people, it can give you new powers to overcome major illnesses that might normally seem threatening.  Like all retrogrades, it forces us to turn inward on doing more transformational work on our inner psyche and let go of rigid patterns and obsession with security.  It is a time to look deeply at our patterns and to see where we are giving our power away to others.  It can be a good time to start therapy, do a detox and internal cleansing, and go deeper in meditation retreats.  Pluto retrograde forces an internal investigation to root out the problem and eliminate it.

Transiting Pluto retrograde is a time of reflection about power and control in your life. If people have been controlling or manipulating you then now is the time to let them go. If you have been too controlling of others or situations then it is time to let go. This is not a time for power-tripping but a time for elimination. Fated events and repeating themes will reinforce which of your controlling habits, compulsions, addictions, or prejudices must be eliminated.

Special thanks to my teacher Komilla Sutton and all my Jyotish Gurus and spiritual gurus for their wisdom and continual inspiration.  Special thanks to Robert Hand for his insights on the outer planets.


If you need a consultation , sign up at www.appliedvedicastrology.   Time to show some hidden light and unlock these karmas that often run our lives for years.

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