JUNE ASTRO-WEATHER: Some Bright Spots after a Rocky Spring  

Mars and Venus are together in Cancer the entire month and Cancer is an emotional sign and connected to family and feeling secure and nurturing.  Mars can be irritated in Cancer but with Venus, it can be passionate. Find a way to communicate family irritations kindly and express your feelings rather than get into a quarrel. Let go of emotions or they can lead to accidents.  The two planets stay far enough away from each other that it will not be as intense as some Mars/Venus conjunctions.

Mars and the Moon exchange signs in a Paravartana Yoga between Cancer and Scorpio June 3-4th as we approach the full moon in Scorpio which is exact at 11:42 pm CDT on Saturday.  The exchange of signs cancels the debilitation and increases the strength of the full moon creating fuller emotions and an increase in the heart value—as if the moon were in Cancer.  Venus is also in Cancer and this will create a deep sense of love and connection to family and others.

Jupiter is exalted in Cancer in the D9 chart June 4-21st which is Pada 4 of Ashwini.  While water padas increase the need to let go and meditate deeply, Jupiter’s strength here may increase wisdom and good judgment at a time when the world and politicians need it most. Jupiter is the significator for the Minister so let’s hope we get more wisdom in government to counteract all the corruption that is on steroids with the Jupiter/Rahu conjunction which is still having an impact strongly through the middle of June.

Mercury finally gets out of the disputing influence of Aries on June 7th and stays in Taurus until June 24th. The Mercury/Venus association supports poetry and songwriting and creativity for computer programming also and the transit is fairly unafflicted except for the 30-degree aspect from Rahu in Aries which still creates problems with computer scams and pirating problems.  Mercury is Combust in direct motion between June 18-July 13th and this can create a bit of nervous energy and a buzzy and busy mind but is probably the most difficult around June 29-July 3rd as Mercury is always close to the sun and has lots of suntan lotion. 

The Sun goes into Gemini on June 15-July 16th and is good for business and fun and travel.  Gemini is the sign most associated with the Gay community and no wonder they hold Pride Month in June.  The Sun stays unafflicted for the most part but does best the last 10 days of the transit July 5-16 when it is in Purnavasu Nakshatra as the transit through Ardra June 21-July 4th connects it to Rahu and emotional and physical storms. Tornado season is always up when the planets transit through Ardra. 

Mars stays in Cancer for the entire month where deep fatigue and irritation dominate.  While that is a natural time to rest and go on vacation—particularly for Aries and Scorpio rising, usually we want to run around and do stuff and that will not work well in June. Find time to do a meditation retreat and take just time off and not run around too much. 

Compounding irritations in June are the Saturn station and retrograde into June 17th.  Saturn tends to create more anxiety a week before that happens starting on June 9th and that continues into June 23rd for a week afterwards.  Saturn retrograde which runs into Nov. 4th is usually a more difficult time when suffering and challenges increase.   During this time, Saturn throws a 60-degree sextile onto Jupiter which is exact on June 19th.  While this aspect is good for manifesting material desires, it may create too much anxiety for Sagittarius and Pisces rising. 

July looks better as Mars is getting more energy in Leo for status and success and energy levels are better for running around.  Still, the Mars /Saturn opposition into July 20th can increase anxiety and frustration and increase irritation but if you are on vacation, you may better be able to deal with it.

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