Saturn is throwing a 60-degree aspect onto Jupiter exactly into June 19th but it will have an orb of influence of 3 degrees until July 1st. This is a relatively rare occurrence of Saturn aspecting Jupiter in a 60 degree angle  and we last had an 11-degree orb between Saturn onto Jupiter from Cancer and Virgo in the spring of 2005. We also had it exact on  June 8, 1984 between Libra and Sagittarius when both were retrograde.  The biggest mundane event hitting that day was the destruction of the town of Barneveld, WI by a tornado.

This aspect tends to bring hard work that brings growth and expansion. Saturn’s aspect so often is about hard work and doing so has an impact on preventing future problems.  The transit favors business and professional activities and makes you effective in company and business planning but you have to overcome impatience.  You may make an impression on your boss with your hard work through the end of June.

This aspect also promotes intellectual and spiritual growth and  supports long-term planning for your future. It may foster a desire to work hard for the community and promote social action for the benefit of injustice. It favors good moral and ethical behavior  and will promote good discrimination around spiritual teachers and Gurus.

Sagittarius and Pisces rising may feel more stress and anxiety in their lives from this aspect. Because Jupiter rules the liver, it may cause ailments here so be careful with oily and fatty foods and drink water with a little lemon to stimulate the liver and keep it healthy.

Jupiter is the significator for children and teachers and Gurus but Jupiter is  still very close to the Rahu and afflicted and the Saturn aspect to both may create anxiety around your children or being  critical of your teachers.  Remember to always honor your teachers and their imperfections.  Parents never stop worrying about their children but trust that they have their own karma to work out that the Divine has a plan for them.

Jupiter/Saturn aspects are often about manifesting successfully in the material world so good time to work hard and focus on your goals and manifest your intentions on a material basis.



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