Sun moved in the zodiac sign of Cancer on Sunday,  July 16th, the natural house of home and supporting the “family.”

Sun in Cancer is not afflicted this year as there are no major aspects from malefics hurting it during its transit.   Only the Pluto opposition into Friday, July 21st  may be felt.   This transit can lead to intense encounters with other people so be careful who you pick a fight with. Avoid being over-domineering to have your way and stroke your ego and this could lead to a relationship breakdown.  Use the energy to transform difficult relationships.  Sunday, July 23rd, ruled by the Sun may have the most chance of manifesting this energy.

If you were born with Sun in Cancer and it is also unafflicted in your and your birthday is between July 16-August 16th, then you prefer to follow your advice, tend to have a good memory, are sensitive and economical, and have high intuition and enjoy travel and family.  Some of this energy may emerge during the transit.   You may be drawn to activities involving nurturing and like to do community and family service and your maternal energies may come out in leadership. You may also be drawn to living near the water or enjoying water sports.  Occupationally,  you may be interested in real estate, home sales, agriculture, working in the water or the beverage industry, or being a counselor or child specialist.

The Sun is in Pushya Nakshatra (Cancer 3.20-16.40) on July 20-August 3rd and this constellation is ruled by Brihaspati who is the priest of the gods and very connected to Vedic ceremonies and religion. He tends to bestow good luck and good fortune and wealth on others and children and loves spiritual teaching.  The Sun does not do well in this constellation which is ruled by Saturn as it can get wrapped in material desires and veers away from its mission for Self-Realtization and may lose some of its brilliance. Good reminder to do your spiritual practices this month and stay centered on your spiritual goals.

The Sun is in Ashlesha nakshatra (Cancer 16.40-29.59) on August 3-August 16th is ruled by the Nagas or snakes with occult powers and is connected to Lord Vishnu.  The lessons of this nakshatra involve following the Guru’s words and keeping the purity of the teaching. The nakshatra is connected to spiritual wisdom so in transit, it can foster deep spiritual experience. If you were born with the Sun in this constellation, you may have issues with your father, be a good friend and have trouble settling down into marriage.  You may be drawn to astrology and good at predicting the future.  The constellation is ruled by Mercury and can bring great intellectual inquiry to people born under this constellation.  If Mercury is weak, one has to be wary of gossip or talking too much, or putting others down with a sharp tongue. 

The end of the transit, August 14 – 16th is in the Cancer gandanta (Cancer 27-30) in the constellation of Hyrda (Ashlesha, Cancer 16.40-29.59) is a place where the toxins of the past are accumulating in a big knot that is difficult to untie. Deep unconscious patterns and difficult problems arise that seem daunting and filled with regrets. Remember you have the power of free will in the present moment to move through into new light and do not have to live in the shadows and mistakes of the past. Let them go. They seem tangled and difficult to deal with, but you are strong enough to get through them.

Cancer is a 12th house transit for Leos so expenditures and deep subconscious emotions can come up to heal and this transit is more difficult for Leo Rising or Leo Sun people.  May be a good month to take a meditation retreat and do the inner work as the outer ambitions may be frustrating.  Travels to foreign countries may be fruitful as there is little affliction to the Sun.




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