There are several bright spots as we move closer to September with Jupiter going stationary retrograde on Sept 4-Dec. 30th and aspecting the Sun in Leo and Mercury in Leo.

Jupiter is usually powerful in the sky 5 days before and after its station so optimistic energy will increase August 30-Sept. 8th.  Retrograde benefics are more powerful to do good and that means that Sagittarius and Pisces rising will benefit most in terms of health and optimism and continued trines to the fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius will support those rising signs.  Jupiter retrograde hampers marketing expansion so make sure to launch those marketing projects before the first week of September as they may be delayed during retrograde action.

Mars stays in Virgo until Oct 3rd and this is not great for health.  Already the media is pushing the latest COVID variant and a college in Georgia is requiring masks even with zero cases.  The media is ready to start pushing the latest Pfizer booster and we are not even close to influenza season.  We have discussed Mars in Virgo which is good for strategic planning and leadership but can lead to petty fighting and arguing as Mars is not happy in Mercury’s sign.

Saturn stays retrograde until Nov. 3rd. It is a bit softer now that it has moved into Pada 1 of Satabhishaka Nakshatra (Aquarius 6.40-20.00) which is ruled by Jupiter.   Retrograde malefics like Saturn are always teaching us to bear our karmic responsibility without complaining and take responsibility for our past mistakes.  Saturn retrograde is more difficult for Leo & Aries and Scorpio this year with its aspects so slow down and do not run around like a rabbit and remember most of what you fear never happens.

Mercury stays retrograde in Virgo until Sept. 15th.  Retrograde benefics are more powerful for Virgo and Gemini rising and Venus owned signs and it is getting a trine from Jupiter into Sept. 4th which can support writing and deep thinking. It is combust but retrograde Mercury and Venus are not impacted by their combustion. 

The nodes are moving toward the ends of the beginning of the signs of Aries and Libra and this makes them a bit more wacky and less stable. From Sept. 15-Dec. 30th and we have written about this.  Rahu moves into Pisces in the Mean Node system on Oct. 30th and on Nov. 30th in the True Node system.  We will have to write a whole article about the Nodes in new signs as nodal transit so often trigger major changes in life including relationship, career, change of location, etc. Rahu will do better in Pisces as Jupiter is the only planet that calms its wild energies and Ketu in Virgo is less happy as it is an intuitive and spiritual planet in a logical and business-orientated sign.


Venus goes stationary direct on Sept. 3rd stays in Cancer the entire month of September and goes into Leo on Oct. 1st.  Venus station is very powerful 3 days before and after its station so September 1-6th should be a powerful time for Libra and Taurus rising.  With Venus, direct in September, relationship struggles and indecision around them will quiet down but October is a bit rockier with Saturn’s opposition to Venus on October 10th.

Mars moves toward conjunction with Ketu in the True node system on Oct 4th in early Libra and that conjunction is always troubling for accidents and flare-ups of explosive anger and Aries and Scorpio rising and Libra rising may feel it most.

Overall the first few weeks of September look better than August has been but then things get darker as we move into early October. November is troubling with the Venus debilitation in Virgo and the Sun in debilitation in Libra  Oct. 17-Nov. 16th and we often find the fall depressing as the leaves start coming off and winter approaches.  Enjoy the last week of the dog days of August. 





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