Jupiter is the big dog in the sky that everyone loves and it is very powerful as it prepares to go retrograde on Sept 4th in the sign of Aries at around 21 degrees and will retrograde back to about 11 degrees of Pisces into Dec. 31st.   Benefits are more powerful to do good during their retrograde energies and it may offset some of the difficulties of Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius which continues into Nov. 3.  There is some affliction to Jupiter from Saturn in Aquarius but it is still wide enough and not a problem until Nov. and Dec when it is about 5-7 degrees and even then it would create false optimism. 

Jupiter is very powerful in the sky 5 days before and 5 days after its station so still very powerful August 31-Sept. 9th.  It is a powerful week of expansion, good luck, and wisdom, and this will be felt mostly on Thursdays, August 31st, and Sept 7 the days ruled by Jupiter, and when the moon is in Pisces Sept. 1-2.

The slowdown is happening in the constellation of Bharani  (Aries 13.20-16.40) which is ruled by Venus and this constellation supports transformation. The association can lead to over-indulgence in sexual activity eating and spending.  The retrograde activity may allow for reflection and transformation if this has been a problem for the last 2-3 months.    

From a perspective of financial astrology, Jupiter retrograde Sept 4-Dec. 31st    may slow marketing in business and it also can slow economic expansion so by the time the 3rd and 4th quarter GDP comes out in Oct and January we will see the economy slow. It is also a time for slower marketing so if you are a businessman, take this knowledge and work harder through Sept 4th and realize market projects may get delayed this summer and early fall.  Sometimes the stock market will stop rallying around Jupiter station but it is always complex and the stock market is very oversold now and seems higher the first few weeks of September so not sure the impact will be there until later in the month.

If you were born with Jupiter retrograde in your chart, then when it goes retrograde in transit, it will trigger your issues.  People born with Jupiter retrograde will be motivated to win back things they have lost so business people may get hit by more refund requests or calling in loans or rebate requests.  Jupiter governs husbands and male relationships so women may start feeling like they could do better with their spouse and think about trading them in.  Jupiter retrograde can be lazy, over-optimistic, and thus miss opportunities.  Jupiter may become too generous and reach out to help abandoned or rejected people and projects so be sure to evaluate whether you have the time to put out this effort–though always a good one.

Jupiter is connected to the liver which has over 750 major functions in the body and can be slowed by this transit particularly if you have this combination in your natal chart or have a tendency toward liver problems. Make sure to drink warm water with a freshly squeezed lemon every morning which is the best way to keep your liver toned up. Maybe a good month for a liver cleanse if you can handle it. Avoid taxing your liver by overeating or eating very complicated fatty foods. Jupiter also has connections to the pancreas so will be important not to eat too many sweets or over-indulge, A strong Retrograde Saturn continues to push anxiety and we turn toward relief and our food cravings may get out of hand.

The spinal twist is a key posture for the next 5 months as it supports the liver and you may need to do the cow pose which also strengthens the liver.  (See below). Of course, make sure you get proper training from these poses from a qualified yoga instructor, and do not strain.

Of course, charts are very individual and our general articles impact people differently. If you are Pisces or Sagittarius rising, have Jupiter retrograde in your chart or if you have key planets at 11-21 Aries, you will be impacted more by the planetary station or if you are in a Jupiter mahadasha or sub-period or a Pisces or Sagittarius period in Chara Dasha.  Again, transits are only about 20% of the prediction.

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