Astro-Weather–Sept 4-9th- Expansive Joy and Subtle Disturbance in the Lunar Field

ASTRO WEATHER:  SEPT 4-9TH –Subtle Disturbances in the Fabric


We are coming out of the expansive glow of the Venus station direct and the Jupiter stationary retrograde Sept. 3-4. 

Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion, is throwing an exact aspect onto the Sun between Aries and Leo.   This will be most felt on Sunday, Sept 10th  a day ruled by the Sun, and when the Moon is in the Nakshatra of Krittika (Aries 26.40-Taurus 10) Tuesday, Sept. 5th.

This is a good aspect for health, well-being, good luck, good for finances, confidence, and promotions at work.  It is powerful coming a week after the Jupiter station on Sept. 4th.  It is giving great power to the Sun in Leo for leadership and spiritual development and Jupiter is very strong this week in Aries and ready to act to advance spiritual development and humanitarian projects.

If you are running a Sun period or Leo period or are Leo rising or Aries rising, you may particularly feel a lift from the gloom and heaviness that Saturn has been creating but Saturn will continue to get more problematic in its retrograde state which goes on until Nov. 3rd

In Financial astrology, gold should like this aspect and recover higher into September. 8th and probably a  week later.   


There are several Muhurtha Yogas based on combinations of the Lunar Days or Tithis, and Days of the Week (Varas) that have a huge impact on predicting the energy for the day.  Achala Mihajloic has done an excellent job outlining these and making them easy to calculate by hand in her Journey with the Moon: Tithis in Spirituality and Astrology and Andrew Foss’s software, Sri Jyoti Star 10 also now includes most of them.

This week, there are an unusual number of negative combinations through Saturday.  Monday has a Vinasha yoga which is called an annihilation yoga and is happening with a combination of the 6th Lunar Day, the Moon on a Monday in Bharani Nakshatra. 

Tuesday is also troubling with a Visha or poison yoga with the Moon in Krittika on a Tuesday with the 7th Lunar Day running which is ruled by Saturn.

Wednesday is the more auspicious day of the week with the 8th Lunar Day on a Wednesday and is also Krishna’s Birthday with the Moon in Rohini and we have a siddha yoga or day of accomplishment.

Thursday turns sour with a Vinasha combination which repeats Monday’s energy with the Moon in Mrigashira and happens on the 9th Lunar Day on a Thursday.

Friday is also difficult with Hustana yoga with a combination of the 10th Lunar Day during Ardra Nakshatra on a Friday

Saturday is also a Hustana day with the Moon in Vishakha on a Saturday during the 11th Lunar Day which is called Ekadashi which is connected to Lord Shiva and is great for harnessing spiritual practices.

I am writing about this because it is usual to have 5 difficult yogas in one week making it a difficult week for getting things done and starting new major events in your life.  There are bi-pass times every day for 45 minutes called Abhijit Muhurtha when Lord Brahma rules.  Depending on your time zone and because we are on daylight time this roughly runs around 1 pm.

I have been following these Muhurtha yogas for my work timing financial markets and I find that they are very significant and create a more upsetting day I notice when they are running have more challenges and difficulties.

I have a lesson on these in my classes on Muhurtha and in my Secrets of the Moon class which are available on my website.

Of course, these are all contextual to your natal chart, and what dashes you are running but I find them fascinating to watch for daily predictive ability.

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