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Mars moves into Libra on Thursday, Oct 3-NOV. 16.   The transit is afflicted because of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries aspecting it and Ketu in Libra and Mars being combust until January.    Mars in Libra is energetic, confident, charming romantic, and friendly to all but the darker side may come with afflictions which can bring out frustration when actions get blocked.  So the dark side can come out. where it can be unfaithful, reckless, deceptive, and arrogant.   As it moves closer to the Jupiter opposition into the end of the month, the positive side will come out where Mars in Libra is passionate and may support great sensual and sexual experience.  Mars transit in Libra will particularly impact Scorpio and Aries rising and Libra but with the 8th house aspect from Libra to Taurus.

MARS OPPOSES URANUS   between Aries and Libra, two moveable signs on Nov.  11th   and it may be most felt on Tuesdays  Nov. 7th and Nov. 14th  so be careful with traveling that week and we focus on vigilant driving if you are Aries or Scorpio, or Libra Rising which will be most impacted.  On a personal level, this transit can lead to an explosive release of anger or tension if you repress anger but on the positive side, it can help release you and free you from inhibiting restrictions, creating new directions in your life that may create freedom. Go with the energy that wants to free you from life’s restrictions and if not the suppressed energy could be released destructively.    For mundane astrology, this aspect is often a signature for Earthquakes but we do not have time to see what countries may be most affected and there is no reason to get caught in fear but just a need to help those areas that might suffer.



Mars moved into the constellation of Chitra on Sept 24  which is one of the constellations of the zodiac commonly known as Spica which lies in Virgo between 23.20 degrees and Libra 6.40 degrees.  It will stay there until Oct 13. Chitra is one of the more material constellations and spans the end of Virgo into the beginning of Libra.  Chitra means brilliant many-colored or illusionary.  Its symbol is a shining jewel or a pearl representing the mysterious creativity of the universe that can transform a grain of sand into a gem and work of art out of nothing.

The constellation is ruled by Tvastar, the celestial architect also known as Vishwakarma, the creation worker.  His role is to create Maya the illusionary force of the drama of life. He is the grand illusion maker creating delightful things but has no attachment to what he creates, much like modern scientists technicians, and engineers who fashion great devices that sometimes are used by the ruling elite or politicians in the wrong way.

Mars is in its constellation here in transit and may get caught in its more material manifestation and be more concerned with weapons than its dharma to defend and protect. Still,  leadership energy and active planning will prosper–particularly in Virgo transit which goes on until  Oct. 3rd.  The movement toward Ketu into Oct 4-5th will create explosive action.  .


Mars moves into the constellation of Arcturus (Swati in Libra, 6.30-20.00) Oct 13-Nov 2nd.  This connects Mars to Rahu and Venus, the planet of action and energy to the planet of desire and to the planet of sensual pleasure, business, and material desire. This transit will particularly impact Aries, Scorpio, and Libra greatly. There is a friendly aspect from Jupiter to save the day but Mars/Jupiter aspects can cause poor investment decisions and financial losses so be careful.

Mars is a bit lost in this constellation where communication is valued and the Martian soldier likes to act and communicate later.  Sexual energy has been strong and increasing now and the association of Mars and Venus from the sextile aspect of Venus increases passion, and Mars in Swati increases desire.   This can create a strong sexual attachment in relationships and is a bit at odds with Mars’ innate celibate nature.   The only answer is to channel this passion into helping others realize their dreams.

The Association of Mars with Rahu through the mental nakshatra influence can create great energy and innovative approaches to taking action and some of that will come out strongly because Jupiter is there.  Still, at times, the darker side can easily surface where anger boils up, vindictive or antagonistic behavior can happen, and skin allergies and inflammation in the body can happen so make sure to call the fire element with coconut oil and less spicy food.

People born in Swati nakshatra have a very material pursuit in life Venus luxuriates in comfort and Rahu amplifies the desire for materialism.  Eventual dissatisfaction may turn people more toward spirituality depending on other indications in the chart.   Swati’s presiding deity is Vayu the God of wind.    People born in this nakshatra are very loyal, intelligent, fair, and have the ability to serve, they have a very balanced personality. Many rich people are born in this nakshatra but after attaining wealth and comfort the person is not satisfied with life. They eventually get tired being pursuing materialistic pleasure and turn to spirituality.

Mars in Vishaka Nakshatra:  

Nov. 2-Nov. 21st.  Mars gets out of the difficult constellation of Swati on Nov. 2nd  moves into a constellation owned by Jupiter, a dear friend, and stays there until Nov. 21st.  This is a favorable transit as it can promote enterprising, sexual magnetism, mathematical talent, courage, and adventurism. It brings dynamism, enthusiasm,  support with finance, and joy to athletic competition. On the dark side, Mars still may have trouble with the sensual side of Libra here and can get out of balance if he does not stay disciplined.  Aries and Scorpio rising will benefit most from this transit with good luck and Divine grace and connect to religious figures or Gurus.  Libra will also notice it prominently but it may impact relationships negatively.

Vishakha (20.00 Libra-3.20 Scorpio) is ruled by Agni and Indra and is a constellation of four stars forming the left half of the scales of Libra.  It is connected to the deities of Agni and Indra.  Agni can do herculean talks to achieve its goals with great fiery energy and courage. Indra provides leadership but may create danger for those around one but may act cowardly at the first sign of danger.  People born with this constellation are often seeking a bit of power status and position.    With the Mars connection here, you can get a lot done after Thanksgiving into early Dec.

Vishaka is connected to outcasts and outsiders and hence they do not follow traditional religious norms so the transit here might foster more rebellious activities at worst or deep creativity and innovation at its best.

Mars goes into Scorpio on Nov. 16th  at about the time it is combusted by the Sun at 0 Scorpio.  This is a positive as Mars is moved into the heart of God and spiritualized so an epiphany is possible if you are Scorpio rising.


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