This is the type of week that if you go on a meditation retreat or climb into a hole, you will have a good experience.  Life in the material and emotional world will be challenging.  Mars is the major culprit as it is combust, moving toward conjunction with Ketu which can create a  black hole around energy levels and lead to accidents and it can lead to explosive anger.  In addition, Mars is transiting at accelerated speed at about 31 minutes per day instead of its normal 40 minutes and this increases its tendency for angry outbursts, violence, and rioting.


In the true node system, Mars is conjunct Ketu on Oct 4th and a day later in the mean node system. It is within 3 degrees by Sept. 30th and is not 3 degrees past until Oct 8th.  Irritating the situation is that Mars is changing signs and going into Libra on Oct. 3rd  hence it is sandhi or weak and Ketu is also sandhi in the early degrees of Libra.  What does it all mean? 

  This is one of the more intense events of the year particularly because Mars and Ketu aspects can trigger terrorism, violence rioting, and war.  The Mars/Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius in 2001 was when the World Trade Towers went down. Luckily Jupiter is shining its grace on the complex from Aries.   We still wonder if we will not get some false flag event to divert our attention from impeachment inquiries and the failure of the government to pass a budget and protect its citizens. Mars also has a 150-degree aspect onto Neptune on Oct. 5th and this can lead to episodes of deception and fraud.  Be careful on the phone if something seems too good and particularly pay attention to what the media is telling you.  We had heard there was a test of the emergency broadcast system scheduled for Oct. 4th and have not been able to verify it. 

On a personal level, the connection between Mars and Ketu means that you cannot let anger be repressed or it will explode in a verbal or physical attack. Exercise is a good way to work off this energy but also just let it out by screaming in your empty house. Continue to be 100% focused when doing physical activity and driving as unexpressed anger can rear its ugly.

The rest of the month is rather complex with the biggest bright spot being Mercury getting exalted in Virgo Oct. 1-16th.  We also have to contend with Pluto going stationary /direct on Oct. 10th and the Solar Eclipse over North America on Oct. 14th.  

We will write more about these later.

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