Blocks to Enlighenment– Part 1– MARS AND EGO


The ego represents our deepest level of identity and existence. So often the ego is distorted and out of balance and it protects us from facing the harsh reality of who we are. On the deepest level, it blocks our Divine identity so it is one of the biggest blocks to enlightenment.  It continues to trick us and keep us stuck in illusion.  It is important to be somebody and to have an identity but at some point, we have to throw off all the false shackles of our identity that block us from realizing our Divine nature.

When we think of ego, we usually associate it with a “big ego” or someone arrogant or boastful.  But ego can also be very connected to low self-esteem and “not good enough” energy or to shy people.

All the planets impact our identity and keep us mired in illusion—particularly: Mars, the Sun, and Rahu and afflictions to the  Lagna Lord and even Jupiter and Venus and Mercury and the Moon.

We are also starting to look at Jupiter for the way that judgment blocks create false comparisons with others to make us better or a sense of self-righteousness or a false sense of separation that keeps us from being compassionate toward others. Afflicted Venus and its distortions keep us stuck in the illusion that sensual enjoyment and comfort will make us happy.  Afflicted Mercury keeps us stuck in analyzing the world and keeps us whirling in our minds so we do not perceive the inner silence and our divinity and the afflicted moon of course does this.

Mars has a very spiritual nature due to the ownership of Scorpio and the natural 8th house of the zodiac. When the ego is transcendent through spiritual practice, it can lead to bliss, valor in speech, selfless service for humanity, liberation, and nirvana, Divine wisdom.


In this article, we will focus on Mars.


Vedic astrology is very complex and aspects of Mars, the rising sign of the individual, the nakshatra that Mars is located in, the zodiac sign that Mars is located in and the house it is located in will all contribute to distortions of ego.

Note that afflicted planets may be aspected or conjunct natural malefics like Mars, Rahu, Saturn, or Ketu may create the most distortions while unafflicted Mars in strong positions like Aries may have the purest ability to see its ego.



Planets are either afflicted or in rare cases, they are rather pure and can bring out their highest archetypal values. For the most part, there is usually some aspect, some placement in the D9 chart, some nakshatra placement that is going to create some dosha or distortion and for the most part, we will discuss the more afflicted versions of Mars by sign

MARS IN ARIES:   When unafflicted, the Martian ego is caught up in achievement, doing, and independence. Their sense of self is very connected to their creativity and how much they accomplish and hence the Ego here is very caught up in Doership.  Paul Newman has a rather unafflicted Mars in Aries for Sagittarius rising.

The more afflicted Mars in Aries is more caught up in sexual conquest, being combative, and not being open to others’ suggestions hence the ego is more rigid and the ability of the ego to bend and be open to change is not there.  Michael Jackson has a rather afflicted Mars in Aries in the 7th house for Libra rising that is Atamakaraka.

MARS IN TAURUS:   When unafflicted the Martian ego here is passionate charming and sensitive and great at salesmanship.

When afflicted the Martian ego is too caught up in how it looks, and how great one’s sexual conquests and may overspend and be focused on short-term pleasures. Body-building, looking good, and obsession with nice clothes and things can create a false sense of ego that may cover up other inadequacies.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, famous for his body-building days, has Mars in Taurus in the 12th house. John Denver has a rather afflicted retrograde Mars in the 1st house.

MARS IN GEMINI:  The unafflicted Martian ego may pride oneself on one’s problem-solving abilities, mechanical or scientific knowledge, military strategy, and love of learning.

The afflicted Martian ego may use its analytical energies to get into fights appear too clever, be impatient,  have a clever ego, or have a sharp tongue.  Barbara Streisand has a rather unafflicted Mars in the 4th house for Pisces Rising.  Robin Williams has a rather afflicted Mars in the 9th house for Libra Rising.

MARS IN CANCER:   The unafflicted Mars ego here is sensitive, kind, and affectionate and may have an ego caught up in its ability to nurture and have strong family connections that create a sense of identity

The afflicted Mars in Cancer ego may have self-esteem issues, become co-dependent and a victim, is too into fixing others and their identity may be too submissive and not willing to fight for their territory hence the wounded ego here may have a deep subconscious fear and anxiety and the emotional nature of Cancer can tear Mars apart when it just needs to act and move forward and instead is often caught in indecision.  Demi Moore has a rather afflicted Mars in the 6th house for Aquarius Rising.

MARS IN LEO:  The unafflicted Mars in Leo has his ego caught up in status and success, in working hard, philanthropy, and his love of great endeavors.

The afflicted Mars in Leo is impatient, adversarial, too caught up with his status and how others think of him, has trouble managing money, and may have a bigger ego than usual as Leo is another sign of the Ego.   Donald Trump is a famous Mars in Leo person and is Leo Rising so Mars is in the 1st house.

MARS IN VIRGO:  The unafflicted Mars in Virgo has an ego caught up in being a good strategist and problem-solver, is a good defender, and may be caught up in above-average analytic or healing, or scientific abilities.  Winston Churchill has a rather unafflicted Mars in the 1st house for Virgo rising.

The afflicted Mars in Virgo has an impatient ego, is combative, may be untruthful, and has an overactive mind that blocks one from experiencing one’s true Divine nature.

MARS IN LIBRA:  The unafflicted Mars in Libra has an ego like Mars in Taurus that is caught up in looking good, being a charmer, romantic, passionate, and artistic values those qualities that create a strong sense of self.

The afflicted Mars in Libra may be arrogant, impatient, gullible, too prone to jumping into one romance after another, and immature. The ego suffers from its inability to fulfill relationship and sexual needs.  Bill Cosby has a rather afflicted Mars in the Libra in the 8th house for Pisces Rising.

MARS IN SCORPIO:  The unafflicted Mars in Scorpio has a sharp mind and is passionate, decisive, a good problem solver, and undaunted and entrepreneurial.  Their ego may be entrenched in their ability to succeed and accomplish and create a false sense of Self.

The afflicted Mars in Scorpio may be arrogant, stubborn, impatient, selfish, fail to complete tasks, may be sexually over-indulgent, and may have his ego caught either in sexual conquest or self-deprecation for not achieving enough.  Jack Nicholson has a rather afflicted Mars by Rahu in the 5th house for Cancer rising.

MARS IN SAGITTARIUS:  The unafflicted Mars in Sagittarius may have an ego caught in leadership abilities, getting things done, political savvy, and entrepreneurial skills. Billy Graham has a rather unafflicted Mars in the 10th house for Pisces Rising

The afflicted Mars in Sagittarius may try too hard to succeed, be prone to legal problems, have trouble with debt, and may be unaware of the dark side of ego which is conceited, impatient manipulative, and evangelical.

MARS IN CAPRICORN:  The unafflicted Mars here is like a general with strong stamina, high energy, hard-working ethics, and is very focused on results. His ego may be caught up in being so good at everything that he does.

The afflicted Mars in Capricorn may be impatient, prone to anger, maybe deceptive and reckless, and be blind to his flaws because of the so-called dignity here.   Albert Einstein has a rather afflicted Mars in the 8th for Gemini Rising but it did give immense scientific intuitive insights into the laws of physics due to its strength.

MARS IN AQUARIUS:  The unafflicted Mars ego here may pride oneself on their action, their ability to keep busy, their problem-solving abilities, their skills as an engineer or scientist, and their love of competition.

The afflicted Mars ego here is reckless, gets into radical disputes about politics, can be dictatorial, may be prone to depression and range, and may be prone to violence.  The Martian ego here may be blind to weaknesses.  Carrie Fischer has Mars in the 2nd house giving rise to some of her addictive problems which usually come out of the family due to aspects from Venus and Jupiter in the 8th.

MARS IN PISCES:  The unafflicted Pisces ego may pride themselves on their spiritual nature, their philanthropic and service activities, their generosity and their dedication to ideals, and their devotion.

The afflicted Pisces ego may be out of touch with their failure, over-spending, legal issues, uneven career, and unbroken promises and their addictions and tendencies to be a zealot.  The 12th natural sign of Pisces and its unconscious energies can give them an ego that is very out of touch with how they show up and their problems.  Gloria Steinem has an afflicted Mars in the 6th house for Libra rising.

Special thanks to Bill Levacy for some of his insights on Planets by sign.


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