There is so much to do with the Navamsha chart. Here is a summary of some of the things we can use it for:

  1. It often represents our chart after we are married or after around the age of 36 when our soul has matured. Later in life, this chart may be more revealing than what we were born with.
  2. The first, fifth, and ninth houses in the Navamsha chart represent the talents of our soul:
    1. Planets in the first house tell us what talents we are born with.  For example, Jupiter in the first house in the D-9 will make us natural teachers counselors priests, or coaches.
    2. Planets in the fifth house are talents we grow into later in life perhaps in our college years.
    3. Planets in the ninth house represent talents for which we need a Guru, teacher, or guide to bring out.
  3. The rising sign of the D-9 will reveal our hidden personality.  If you are Scorpio rising in your rising sign but Virgo rising in your Navamsha chart, then your personality may be more perfectionist, strategic, business-like, and analytical than you might ascribe to a Scorpio. The place of the ruler of the rising Navamsha, its sign, and house, will reveal more information about the soul’s destiny.
  4. If the rising sign of the rising sign is in 6, 8, or 12 relationships to the rising sign of the natal chart, then your personality and soul may be out of sync with your body. For example, if you are Pisces or Aquarius rising in the Navamsha, there is a 12 relationship and you may be more reclusive, withdrawn, and meditative in your life being drawn to service and humanitarian work.
  5. The seventh house in the Navamsha chart and the planets in it will reveal the qualities of your spouse.  Venus in the seventh with some dignity in Libra, Pisces, or Taurus may attract you to exceptionally beautiful women who have a strong sexual energy that matches yours while Venus in Virgo may leave you with a hen-pecking and critical spouse.
  6. The tenth house in the Navamsha chart, the planets in it, and its sign will often reveal what we love to do most with our free time and may incline us toward a specific career.  Put Pisces or Jupiter as the owner of the tenth house in the D-9 and we may be drawn to teaching, counseling, spiritual teaching of meditation, wisdom, or priestly duties.
  7. The rising sign of the D-9 may help in rectification and reveal the quality of your skin tone. For example, put Libra rising in the D-9 and you are more inclined to have very fair or whitish skin for your ethnic type.
  8. The trinal houses of the D-9 will give a strong dominant quality to your purpose. Fire signs like Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius owning the first, fifth, and ninth will incline you toward warrior activities and supporting right action such as military, fire-fighting, legal defense, politics, or law enforcement. Earth signs in the triinal houses in D-9, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will incline you toward business and merchant activity.
  9. The planet governing your soul’s growth and creating the most karmic challenges for you, the Atmakaraka is key in the D-9, and its sign, house placement, and rotated charts around it will reveal how your soul’s destiny integrates into the material world. This requires a whole two-hour lesson and creates Jaimini charts called the Karakamsha Navamsha and Karakamsha Rashi charts.

These are just a few ways we can use the D-9 or Navamsha chart to microscopically fine-tune and analyze the chart in much more detail. There are many more!



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