We get the 3rd pass of the Mars/Mercury planetary war with Mercury winning the war and with the exact conjunction on Saturday, Jan. 27th at 959 am  EST.   Mars and Mercury are bitter enemies in conjunction because Mercury needs to win through the intellect and Mars is too action-orientated to win a war of words.   The two create squabbling and irritation and it will be felt particularly by Gemini and Virgo rising and Aries and Scorpio and Sagittarius rising most.   If you do not find a way to release anger and conflict, it could spill over into accidents and fires and wounds and cuts.

We need to model ourselves after kids.  They get angry, they let out their aggression and they may even get into a fight with another kid but then it’s over and they move on and they do not hold onto it.  As adults, we have been taught that fighting and aggression are bad and we repress it.  Find a way to get to let positively go of your anger.  Scream at the top of your lungs in an empty car or house; take a baseball bat and pound a pillow;  do some exercise or engage in a competitive sport; do some service work and help veterans on a Tuesday or donate to their charities.

When we feel victimized and do not express or act then accidents happen so we can gain sympathy for frustration.  Do not let it get that far.  Find a way to get it out and release it before it gets dangerous.  Aries, Scorpios, Geminis Virgos, and Sagittarius Rising are most vulnerable Dec. 26th-28th  and on days like Wednesday which is ruled by Mercury, and Tuesday ruled by Mars.  We also worry about the world as world leaders can get into angry shouting matches with this energy.

The conjunction is at 22 degrees Sagittarius so if you have any key planets there you may feel the impact more.  The planets are within two degrees of each other between the 25th and the 29th so it is a long and ugly affair.  Remember to be nice and channel that anger. 

Mercury is winning the planetary war usually and if you are in a Mars/Mercury or Mercury/Mars period Aries and Scorpio seem particularly vulnerable so drive carefully. Jupiter is trining Mars until Feb 5th in a Parvatarna Yoga between Aries and Sagittarius and this is helping the situation for Aries and Sagittarius rising but not so for Virgo as the exchange is between the 4th and the 8th.   

The combination of Mercury and Mars can bring up disputes and arguments so remember not to argue in the car and pullover if something starts and drive carefully and watch out for the other guy Dec. 26-27th during the most intense part of that transit.  Drive carefully. Be alert for the other guy.

Mars/Mercury causes us to get caught up thinking in our head and hashing over things that people have said and that prevents us from being alert (Mars) and then problems happen.  So focus on one thing at a time. If you are driving, do not talk on your cell phone and multi-task. Stay focused.  If you are exercising or in physical activity, be 100 percent.

Mars-related yoga postures can help develop alertness so doing the Warrior Pose will help and the frog pose will help with low energy from the Sun’s combustion to help the adrenals find more power.   Shoulder stands will support Mercury and calm the over-active mind.

So, you all be careful out there as the Sargent in Hill Street Blues used to stay!


Have a great day.


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