Venus transits into Sagittarius on Jan. 18h and has an expansive transit due to the passion of Mars in Sagittarius as well as the trine from Jupiter in Aries.  

Jupiter/Venus associations (ie Venus in Sagittarius) increase expansion and joy and overspending and while they often feel good, you can spend too much at the mall or eat too many pieces of cheesecake at that party. The transit of Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius until Feb 5th and Feb 1st will exaggerate that energy. 

Taurus and Libra rising will have some challenges with the transit as it is an 8th transit for Taurus and while it could bring up positive and unexpected financial gains it may bring up emotional grunge to heal and meditation is always the remedy.  Venus transiting the 3rd from Libra can increase sexual energy that can seem out of control so be careful who you get into bed with. On the positive side, it may increase artistic creativity for Libras.

Venus is one of the two Guru planets, along with Jupiter and it gets out of balance if too lost in the material realm and the transit in Sagittarius can easily do that.  The dancer pose in Yoga embodies Venus with balance and beauty and is always a great pose to balance out beauty and structure in our life.


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