MERCURY IN AQUARIUS   Feb 19-March 6th

Mercury moved into Aquarius on Feb. 19th and stays there until March 6th. It is an afflicted transit as it will be combusted by the Sun the entire time which means it is not visible in the night sky. It also gets conjunct Saturn into Feb. 28th on the same day Saturn and the Sun are in a planetary war in Aquarius.   When Mercury is too close to the Sun within 5 degrees Feb 22nd-March 6th, it creates more nervousness, worry, out-of-step thinking, or being stuck in small details.  It is in Jupiter’s nakshatra of Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.20) on March 2-9th which can create strong energy for writing and speaking about causes dear to them but the key with the constellation is always taking action to benefit humanity and not just writing or complaining about world problems.

The transit this month is a bit afflicted as Mercury gets hit by Saturn in aspect Feb. 28th The orb of difficult influence is Feb. 27th-March 1st    creating communications problems and scattered thinking but for some it may create very deep thinking.  At least Mercury is not in  Pisces where it goes March 7-25th  where thinking logic and communication have been a bit dysfunctional.

The Saturn aspect on Mercury into Feb. 28th  creates the loss of the big picture, obsessive behavior, being too detailed, being stubborn, being distracted, and minor depression. The Cobra pose helps balance Mercury and the plank pose can energize Mercury and help it through this energy March 1-4th  when this impact is strongest.  Meditation will help focus and keep you from being scattered or negative thinking. Even a shoulder stand may help get you out of a troubled head but of course, do these poses with the care and aid of a good yoga instructor if you do not know them. A month to stay on top of your meditation routine.

Aquarius is one of the more karmic signs of the zodiac as it is ruled by Saturn and Rahu and it can bring up deep suffering in its darker moments but can tend toward great technological advancement, healing, and deep philosophical and astrological probings.  Good time to take an astrology or philosophy class and get deep into your computer programming.

As Mercury moves farther away from Saturn, it will increase in power.   Let’s say it’s a complicated month for Virgo and Gemini rising signs and Gemini moons and people if you have a lot of malefic natal chart planets in Aquarius like Rahu, Saturn, Mars, or Ketu. For Gemini, it is a 9th house transit that supports spirituality, and foreign travel, and for Virgos, it is a 6th house transit which may bring up disputes and minor illnesses and problems with co-workers.

Still, stay on top of computers and electronics this month with so many influences on Mercury and Aquarius, and make sure to be redundant with communications as you may be misunderstood at times during the month causing problems.

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