RETROGRADE:  APRIL 1-25TH                           

Mercury moves into Pisces on Wednesday night, March 6th, and stays there until March 25th.   Because of its retrograde motion April 1-25, we have one of those challenging years like 2018 where Mercury is weak for too long in Pisces.  Mercury only goes retrograde Mercury in Pisces every 7 years and have not seen it since 2018.   Every 7 years, Mercury retrogrades will be in water signs pitting the logical nature of Mercury against the emotional nature of the water signs.  This year it goes retrograde in Leo but then retrogrades back into the Gandanta area of Cancer August 21-Sept 5th and it then retrogrades in Scorpio Nov. 25-Dec. 15th.

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces which brings out nervousness, being spacey, depression, too many thoughts, and being too talkative  Still the word debilitated gets misunderstood. For Geminis and Virgos, it may mean lower energy and a need to get more rest and it may create increased mental activity and a restless mind.   Since Pisces is a very spiritual sign, Mercury’s logical practical, and rational energy can get lost here in pursuing too many philosophical or spiritual pursuits, can be prone to depression, or be subject to false Gurus or advisors.

Mercury in Pisces is good for the intuitive functioning of the brain and that is also true of Mercury retrograde.  It may support dream analysis, creative writing, and songwriting. Still, the dark side of Mercury in Pisces and then conjunct Rahu into March 19th can be problematic for travel, miscommunication, backward logic, completing documents and contracts and tax returns, and having more errors in writing.  Use the week of March 4-8th when Mercury is a bit stronger in Jupiter’s nakshatra of Purvabhadrapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3) to get all of those writing projects done and get your taxes done.

Mercury is the trickster, in Pisces he delights in frustrating us with things not working so learn to be patient. Still, it can bring out miscommunication and computer issues.

If you have a lot of writing projects to do, get them done before March 8th Mercury is debilitated in Pisces because he can get lost in spiritual dreaminess and not pay attention to the logic that runs him. Make sure that your pipe dreams are run through the filter of logic and practicality.

Virgo rising will experience a 7th house transit making relationships difficult particularly if you are known to have communication issues anyway.  Fuzzy minds are not able to communicate with partners well or learn routines or habits.  Virgos often attract spiritual partners and the conflict between their practical nature and their partner’s emotional nature can be frustrating.

Gemini rising can do better with this transit in March as it supports status and career development and March will be better with the exalted Venus conjunction in April.  Without Venus’s help after April 24th, Geminis may be not practical and serious enough at work and be too into having fun rather than being responsible.   This can prevent a meaningful sharing of one’s skills and lead to frustration.  The key will be to stay focused and responsible and not get lazy or take on too many projects which will scatter energy.

Mercury’s debilitation is cancelled by the Venus exaltation April 9-24th and that will help a little.   James Braha is fond of saying that cancellation of debilitation is like losing a limb and getting a prosthetic. It helps but it is not like it is normal. Still, when they are together April 9-24, this will be good for bringing out the more fun-loving disposition where Mercury will enjoy a more creative and imaginative side of business or trade with fresh and original ideas. This is a good time for writers and musicians who may have seen the fruits of their efforts produce a fine harvest later.

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