Sun in Pisces–Spiritual Journeys and Complicated Egos


Sun moves into Pisces on March 14th.   Pisces is the natural 12th sign of the zodiac connected to Moksha and enlightenment and its shakti is that it brings the blessings of Saraswati, the goddess of wisdom that brings Knowledge of the Self.   Planets placed here anywhere in any of the charts show great talents and knowledge. But being the natural 12th house, it requires dedication to service and sacrifice to bring out its power. it is also connected to losses as we often have to let go of the material world to be drawn to the spiritual realm of existence.   Pisces rising has difficulties with the Sun, the natural 6th house from Pisces so father issues and issues with authority and bosses become a natural problem.

The Sun joins Mercury and Rahu  this month as we move into the eclipse cycle. Mercury is just leaving combustion which is helpful for a less busy and buzzy mind.  Mercury gets the best of both worlds getting the brilliance and intelligence and confidence of the Sun and Rahu adds some swagger and charisma and technical saavy. Still with Mercury debilitated in Pisces until March 25th and the Sun moving toward Rahu, there could be speech and communication problems that pull down ego or lead to foul speech in defense of ego and self-image.  Mercury is conjunct Rahu into March 19th in the true node system.

The biggest problem for the Sun this month is the conjunction with Rahu which has a 3 degree radius to the Sun between April 2nd and April 8th and this can lead to a puffed ego in some and then a very deflated ego with the planets are 1 degree apart.  The Solar Eclipse is on April 8th just as Mercury retrogrades back into the Gandanta or emotional knot at the end of Posces and Mars is moving toward planetary war with Saturn into April 10th.

The Sun is happy in Pisces but it is 8 houses from its home in Leo and people born with that rising sign are still going through deep spiritual transformations.   The   Sun moves into the constellation of  Uttara Bhadapada (Pisces 3.20-16.40) on March 18th into March 31st where it channels Saturn’s energy Saturn is pretty intense in Aquarius    Still that constellation promotes spiritual development and so it is a good time for a meditation retreat.

The Sun moves into Revati nakshatra   (Pisces 16.40-29.59) March 31-April 14th The  famous Pisces fish represent the fish swimming its path in the sea is connected to life-path and the path to liberation but it is more as it is connecting to the universal mind and reminds us of the true meaning of Jai Guru Dev, Victory to the Big Mind.  Only by letting go of our small ego and surrendering to the Divine will, do we stand a chance of transcending the changing world.

The deity of the constellation is Pushan, connected to the Sun, which lights the paths to the Divine and is connected to travel whether mental journeys or spiritual pilgrimages.  Both are the same.  As Saul Bellow’s character in Henderson the Rain King proclaims, “all travel is mental travel.”  Hence our outer quests are part of our inner quest to return to the Divine.

Revati is ruled by the planet Mercury and contains all the Divine wisdom that exists in the Universe as it allows one to understand the possibilities of the entire creation.  Hence as we get the spring transits through Revati, we should get a deep awakening of spiritual knowledge and a great time for spiritual journeys with a peak of this energy probably felt on  Sundays March 17, 24th, 31st  and April 7th .

This is the final part of the Sun’s journey as it prepares to move into its sign of exaltation in Aries, April 13th-May 14, and shine in its Divine glory.  Hopefully, that will finally bring out some good leadership which all of our world leaders need.

Special thanks to all my spiritual teachers and Jyotish teachers.


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