We wrote this article in 2016-17 and thought it deserved a revisit and have added new comments in Black bold  with  Fast Forward notation for current relfections:   


The United States went into a Rahu Mahadasha period on Dec. 1, 2015, based on my rectified US Chart (7/4/1776, 6:17 pm, Philly and it is always controversial talking about the US chart and its starting time.)

Rahu governs immigrants and outcasts so it would suggest a repeat of the huge immigration that we saw between 1895-1913.  At the moment the Trump administration has curtailed that but continued world upsets are likely to continue migration.  Fast-forward to 2024 and the number one concern of the US people is immigration and over 8 million new immigrants have entered the US.    

Would also expect that the US began in a Rahu mahadasha in 1776 so continued revolutionary energy may boil up to throw out the leaders in power and continued dissatisfaction with the government will eventually lead to something more dramatic.  The battle of the Deep State, the CIA, and the military-industrial complex and their hold on our government will continue to be a struggle over the next 7 years with Neptune in the constellation of Purvabharapada (Aquarius 20-Pisces 3.2).   Fast forward to 2024 with Saturn moving into Purvabhardrapada in April 2024 for a year and one has to think that the truths and reality of how our government is being run and all the inherent messes will keep coming to the surface with Saturn’s energy to transform.

Rahu governs technology so would expect huge technological advances in the period—probably even more so than we can imagine.  The period has already brought self-driving cars and the industry seems determined to get the bugs out and make them a reality.  Fast forward to 2024 and AI is taking over and we still have another 9 years of the Rahu period for acceleration of technological developments.  The good side of technology is that it should make our lives easier but the difficult side is that Rahu’s spying and lack or privacy and corrupt and unethical uses of technology also increase. 

The last Rahu period, 1895-1913 was a troubled time for the US economy with many banking upheavals and problems with legislation around the metals industry particularly silver.  The US is setting up for another economic crisis with the budget ceiling not under control and no real solutions for the economy so at some point between 2019-23, we could see a huge financial crisis happening.   Fast forward to 2024 and we had a banking crisis bubble up with the Silicon Valley Bank in March 2023 and you can sense more is coming in May 2024.

The difference between the 1895 Rahu period and this Rahu period is that under the principle of Dasha Pravesh and running a chart for the start of the dasha period in 2015, one gets Rahu in the US 10th house in the exalted sign of Virgo so getting an exact repeat of 1895-1913 is should not be totally in the cards.

It would be easy to predict another major war as the US as the US is always finding a war to fight.  Sagittarius rising is the most war-like sign of the zodiac having the symbol of the archer and Saturn in Sagittarius has brought its share of wars. Fast forward to 2024 and one would think that with Mars going into Aquarius on March 15th and joining Saturday something bigger will happen with the US.  The neo-con’s lust to destroy Russia even if it brings nuclear retaliation has brought us back to the cold war era. April is a key month for the Ukraine/Russia war and can Venus in Pisces in April bring any outward reach toward peace?

In the past US Rahu period the Spanish-American war did break out in Rahu/Jupiter. The 40-year world war cycle connected with Saturn/Ketu conjunctions (see Sept. 1939 for the invasion of Nazi Germany into Poland) is happening during Sept. 2019 during the Rahu period and is not that auspicious. Saving grace is the Dasha Pravesh in the 10th house again with Saturn 3rd from the Dasha Lord but Jupiter 12th from the dasha lord.

Rahu periods bring political upheaval. During the last Rahu period, US President McKinley was elected and later assassinated by a Polish anarchist in 1901.  Some of the transits for 2018 including Ketu in Capricorn this year also suggest great anger toward the government and the Mars/Ketu conjunction this year between June-September 2018 is likely to bring its share of angry citizens ready to rise.  Would not be surprised to see an assassination attempt as we saw in 1981 against Regan with Ketu in Capricorn.   Fast forward to 2024:  We wonder if  Biden will make it through even April with the Lunar Eclipse in the 10th House of the President this year on March 25th and the Solar Eclipse impacting visible in the US on April 8, 2024.  Eclipses often bring the fall of kings within 6 months and Biden’s Saturn Mahadasha and connection to the 7th house is not exactly friendly.   For that matter, will they ever allow Trump to reassume the thrown?   We are back in the middle ages where power drawfs concern for the people and can the people rise up and change it?   People fear a civil war but we do not have the astrology that produced the 1861-65 which happened during Venus/Rahu and Venus / Jupiter with Venus being the 6th lord of conflict in the 7th house.  Still the Rahu signature for the Civil War is concerning.

The last Rahu period brought the growth of labor, populism, and higher tariffs and taxes.  Given the coming economic problems for the US, the chances for saving the country by raising taxes seems likely and we have also thought that as US government finances have problems, state and local governments would take over and increase property taxes to keep things going.  That seems inevitable.  Fast forward to 2024 and we have 33 trillion in debt and local governments in certain areas have been raising taxes Biden in the State of the Union was to increase corporate taxes and taxes against billionaires to assuage the fears of the people and this kind of economics has never worked.   

The good thing about the last Rahu period was Theodore Roosevelt who brought great reform to the US, created the national park system, and brought the big stick diplomacy to fight for the little man.   Our work on the 2020 President suggests someone who will fight for the people and maybe Elizabeth Warren or someone like her stand a chance of bringing the kind of change and populism that is needed for the move from a corporate-topia back to a government by the people.  The fight against the Deep State will be long but I think that the people may have a chance with the Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in 2020. Fast Forward to 2024:  The US has moved more toward Marxism and Saturn in Aquarius Saturn in Pisces and Saturn in Aries until August 2029 will probably continue movement in that direction.

Rahu is also connected to mass epidemics and the chance for a repeat of a massive problem seems strong during Rahu/Saturn which starts in Dec. 2020.  Fast Forward to 2024—We unfortunately were correct about this with the Covid Crisis and one can see the WHO wanting to plan another such crisis to get the masses under control.

Rahu has a way of wanting to change out-moded aspects of society and uncover deception. The current uncovering of the Uranium One scandal with the Clinton Foundation and much more is likely to unfold through the period.  Rahu should continue to unearth the secret and shadow government that has been keeping us at war, supporting the military-industrial complex and turning the CIA and FBI against their President. The drama of this will continue to unfold.  Fast Forward to 2024:  The Republican investigations into government corruption continue to unfold at a break-neck speed revealing scandals corruption and lawfare.  Ultimately Saturn has a chance to bring more truth with its entry into Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra in April.

While Trump is not popular with many, he is a perfect reflection of the Rahu period being a brash ambitious President ready to take the country to war with Korea, challenge the Deep State, and get rid of corruption.  The military-industrial complex will not go down easily and Trump has surrounded himself with generals as there is a huge fight going on.  He seems to have to make concessions to the Military Industrial Complex or fall, victim, like President Kennedy did.  A fine line to walk.  Fast forward to 2024:  Trump is leading in the polls but some in Washington will do anything to lose power and control.  

I find Rahu refreshing as it is into societal transformation.  The outmoded institutions of society the secret societies running the US economy into the ground with debt need reform.  I suspect that a crisis between 2019-20 will bring in a new leader to continue the transformation that is needed.    Fast Forward to 2024: We are still in need of a new leader and a crisis to wake us up out of our malaise about the way that government is operating. Will the Solar Eclipse on April 8th over the US be a trigger? 


The US is in a Rahu /Mercury period with Mercury the lord of the 7th and 10th in the 8th and Rahu is conjunct Mercury in the 8th house.  The current theme of Rahu with Mercury is about technological censorship and that theme will continue until the end of the period in June of 2026.  Lord of the 10th in the 8th suggests the fall of a President and lord of the 7th in the 8th is looking ominous for increased war tensions.  Still, Rahu and Mercury are friends and that is one of the better sub-periods in the Rahu cycle.   Will Jupiter trining Pluto in June during the US Pluto return allow for a positive transformation? We hope so.

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