1) If you are unsure of what to sign up for, we suggest you choose the 5 question consultation and we will devote 10-15 minutes on your topic as long as they are not extensive.

We do give preference to people who pay ahead and get them scheduled as soon as possible, but if you need to talk to us about what consultation to do or have general questions before you pay, that is fine.

Please fill out the form completely and it lets us know you are serious about working with us as many people who are casual or looking for free information have to be ignored due to time constraints.

2) If you need a 1 question mini consultation, we prefer that you have worked with us before but we will handle these if they are not too complicated. They are $95.00 and you can sign up and pay for the Half Hour Astrological Consultation but still fill out the entire form.

Life purpose, relationship, astro-location are in depth consultations and should not be requested as a mini-reading.

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