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Vedic Natal Chart


75 minutes – $225


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introduction-to-vedic-astrologyBarry’s readings are very unique in their approach. He has specialized in practical applied techniques to isolate and address issues regarding karmic patterns. His focus in these consultations is helping the client understand how much of karma grips us through emotional and mental patterns that tend to form self-defeating beliefs. He then provides practical prescriptions to help individuals transcend these obstacles and move through their karma.

This reading is intended more for people who are getting their first Vedic astrological reading and will provide more of an overview that will also focus on the major period and the laws governing that period. Life-purpose and many of the areas in the specific readings below can be touched upon. Major areas of concern can be addressed through pre-determined questions and areas of focus. A basic overview of the year ahead will be included.

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Vedic Progression Chart:

The Year Ahead

60 minutes – $195


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Whatever time of year you chose to get this reading, Barry will discuss your major cycles over the next year and the impact of major and minor transits on your life. What is the major flavor for the year based on your major and minor cycles which are 80% of the influence? How will transits (20%) color your year? Client’s specific questions can cover relevant issues around travel, weddings, career expansion and all major fields of life. A specific transit chart of dates around your ascendant Lord and dasha Lord will be discussed as well as the impact of major transits and astrological events for the year on your chart. Barry’s research has specialized in timing and prediction and can be helpful in assessing important events for the year.

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Career Counseling /Life Purpose Reading

Spiritual Astrological Reading.

60 minutes – $195


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Stuck in your job? Not sure if you’re living your purpose or dharma or life purpose? Wondering about your soul’s blueprint? Wondering what your child’s life path is supposed to be so you do not turn an artist into a doctor? This reading can help you uncover your life’s purpose and career tendencies and help focus on what will provide you the best income. Vocation and avocation may be at odds and talents may be at odds with creating an income. This reading can help pull all these elements together and also show you how different periods and transits may bring out different tendencies in your life. Using techniques from Jaimini this reading will also be  looking at the soul’s journey and its obstacles and how it interacts with the material world are part of this reading.

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Newborn Child Reading:

An Owner’s Manual

75 minutes – $195


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Want to know what your newborn will become? What career and life talents support him or her and make sure you do not make a doctor out of an artist. What issues should you be watching early in life to support your child’s development? What karma with your child do you have so you can be a better parent? Get your complete “owner’s manual” for your young one and become a better parent.

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Financial and Investment

Counseling Readings

60 minutes – $325


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Applied Vedic Astrology - FinanceThis reading will focus on your psychological and tendencies around money. Barry will analyze the best sources for income, as well as your tendencies around debt, savings and investments. Will short-term or long-term investments work for you or should you take a conservative approach? What periods are better for gains and what periods should you avoid that may result in losses? Are there specific careers that may support your natural tendencies toward finances? Of course, astrology is not a substitute for professional advice so please consult with licensed professional in these matters.

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Vedic Astro-Locality Reading

75 minutes – $295


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Vedic Astro-Locality is different from Western versions of such readings. It is not just a matter of getting the lines correct on a Vedic Astro-Cartograpical chart. What is often not understood is that if you move far away enough from your place of birth, your ascendant may change completely altering some of the influence and house structures and karma. Moreover, different parts of the country are governed by different planets and those regions may foster those qualities in you. Even your Ayurveda constitution or personal elements may naturally do better in certain climates. This reading can be useful for offering different vacation spots as well as exploring new places to live. Different places on the planet can bring out different tendencies in our chart and different planetary periods may prosper more in different locations. There are some schools of thought that believe it is possible to change your destiny from a bad chart or period and move to a better location that neutralizes or changes it in a more positive manner.

Astro-locality is the art of how our personal birth chart changes as we move from place to place. Depending on where you choose to live, Barry will reframe your local astrological map to a national, or world map, highlighting the different planetary energies that will enhance your life according to your preferences.

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Company Astrological Reading



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Want to get an overview of your company’s cycles and outlook? This reading requires looking at the President/CEO’s chart as well as the company’s chart in order to completely access courses of action and planning. Yagyas, mantras, marketing using astro-locality can be helpful in taking advantage of strengths and weaknesses in the charts.

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