ML Chicago

“Barry provided an incredible amount of information during my Natal Chart reading with him and additional course work I have completed with him. He shed light on potential challenges in my life and continues to work with me on remedies as I progress through a very challenging Dasha period. I would recommend Barry’s one-on-one sessions …

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Daniel Pohnke

”Barry has an extensive amount of knowledge and clarity in his readings. His work served me deeply in what to look out for in the days ahead and to align with what is most important. Deeply grateful for this work.” –Daniel Pohnke

K Clarksdale

“In my latest reading with Barry, an ‘issue’ came to light, that I initially discarded as non-important however, I soon discovered the TRUTH of the message, which in turn helped me to be truthful with myself! Thank you, Barry, always, for your expertise!” –K, Clarksdale, AZ.

AM Argentina

“Thank you so much for your awakening… your reading showed me the obstacles to go ahead. And your clear and sage guidelines are helping me in these difficult days.” — A M, Argentina.


“Barry is very deeply in tune with planetary influences and skillfully able to verbalize how those influences affect any given situation.” –Daren


“Barry, your reading confirmed for me my Life Path and I will be forever grateful. Your reading allowed me to be confident to move forward toward that which truly serves my dharma and my singular purpose for this lifetime. Thank you!” –JR, Screenwriter/author

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