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WEBINAR:  Part 2


The Fortucast Vedic Financial Astrology Webinar Part 2 is designed to continue the work of the Home Study Course and to go more depth with individual lessons on various markets, provide additional practical experience, and grant an interactive environment to advance your understanding and apply it to current market conditions. Live chat, questions, and practical experience with current market conditions will help bring real-live experience to real life trading.  The first 3 sessions will review the home study material and allow an interactive environment to go into more depth with it. The emphasis will be creating real profits and optimizing trading using the insights from financial astrology. While students may gravitate toward wanting to master the more complex financial markets immediately, we will start with the easier markets like grains and meats.

  • Week 1-3:  Review of Fundamentals of Financial Astrology and Some New Material
  • Week 4-5:  Trading Grains using Heliocentric Astrology and Vedic Astrology
  • Week 6: Trading Cattle Using Heliocentric and Vedic Astrology.
  • Week 7-8:  Trading Gold and Silver using Vedic Astrology
  • Week 9:  Trading Interest Rates using Vedic Astrology.
  • Week 10:  Tips for Day-trading Stock indices using Vedic Astrology
  • Week 11:  Long-term Stock Market Forecasting Using Vedic Astrology
  • Week 12:  Short and Long Term Methods for Trading Currencies
  • Week 13:  Final synthesis.

Starting Saturday, Jan. 24th at 2:00-3:30 pm CST

Block 1: 13 weeks through April 25th

On-line through Go to
Lessons will be taped and available on Google drive for review viewing or missed classes.

Discounted Prepayment by Sept. 29th $895.00

Thereafter: $1095.00

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Pre-requisite:  Fortucast Financial Astrology Home Seminar Course:

Available on Line for $995.00

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Part 3

Fall 2015 will explore natal chart approaches to trading and forecasting long-term movements as well as advanced mundane forecasting methods for countries and larger entities as well as weather forecasting.

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