As a Vedic astrologer, I strive to find ways to report the positive side of emotional and psychological storms that are going to be active. The purpose of this column is to give us the awareness of what is happening so that we are not as gripped by our emotions and mind and seeing the play of the planets. If we do enough spiritual practice and yoga and exercise and practice kindness and acceptance of every situation that comes up, we can dance through the week empowered. Below is an overview of an intense week with almost something everyday, I will try to write about each event as time permits but just take care of yourself and others this week. Highlight of the week is a solar eclipse on Thursday in the sign of Leo.

Mars is moving toward an exact square to South Node Ketu on August 30th (true node) and that will increase anger and violence in the world and Mars is not totally clear of Saturn yet either so Aries and Scorpio rising will particularly get hit by fatigue and angry flare-ups. Accidents and fires and unexpected explosions of anger are possible. We wrote about this before. Do not stuff your anger. Use exercise, social action and donating to charities and writing letters to government organizations as a way to release this energy.

Mercury and Venus are in a planetary war on Monday, August 29th but they are friends but this can still create confrontations and arguments between Mercury ruled signs like Gemini an Virgo and Venus ruled signs like Libra and Taurus rising. Good aspect for artistic expression and writing songs and poetry for everyone over the next week.

Mercury goes retrograde on Tuesday, August 30th until Sept. 22nd and at least it is in Virgo. Its impact will depend on what house is connected to Virgo in your chart. Mercury retrograde in a natal chart makes us more intuitive than logical and if you have it retrograde in your natal chart, this may bring it out. Mercury in Greek mythology is related to Hermes, the trickster. The electronic and communication glitches that happen have to be been as play and a game otherwise we will get very angry and frustrated. All of you know about Mercury retrograde but this one is not that bad because it is in Virgo and then Leo after Sept. 9th. Back up your hard drives and data carefully and get important communications and reports done early by Monday.

Uranus moves retrograde back into Pisces on Wednesday, August 31st and continues in the gandanta area (meaning drowning) there until Dec. 29th where it is vulnerable to major karmic upheaval. This is more of an outer world event but it can trigger unexpected water-related disasters like flooding, hurricanes or earthquakes. Jupiter in Virgo has in the past led to increase of major hurricanes and so this connection may be up again as we move into a critical month in that area. We saw a lot of upheaval in the middle of June when Uranus went from Pisces into Aries and now it is going backwards.

Saturn squares the Sun exactly (10th house aspect) which often creates governmental upheaval with leadership and this is happening exactly at a Solar Eclipse on Sept 1st and solar eclipses tend to uncover major secrets around leadership and hidden deals and bring them to the surface and we have already had our fair share of scandals and more will come out. This deserves a special article but it is good to fast during a solar eclipse because the digestive energies in the solar plexus do not work and undigested food can make us sick. There are ways to activate the solar plexus which will be affected by the transit Sept. 1-6th when Sun and Rahu are 3 degrees apart. The ugly side of ego can surface and also anger can flare up so find ways to be kind to people, accept mistakes and do not fight government authority by speeding down the highway if you are prone to traffic tickets or pay your tax bills on time. Anger around government can really be driven to the surface.

Sun opposes Neptune on Sept. 2nd which can create confusion and uncertainty but may make you more sensitive to others needs. It may also lead to victimization or a need to surrender. It’s ok to assert yourself but it may not be appropriate if it is around a confrontation with your boss or a government official. It’s a quick transit so reflect on it and let it pass.

So be vigilant with doing your meditation and yoga and spiritual practices this week and know that the worse of the storms will be over by Sept. 6th. Donate to your favorite charities and help others in need this week and you will see a lot of such events come up. The Louisiana flood situation is one that needs a lot of attention with 30,000 affected.. Make a difference in the world this week! See how it impacts your personal life

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