A solar eclipse is occurring over Africa and Western Australia while we are sleeping at night here in America. Still eclipses are intense and their impact may have ramifications for even up to 6 months after they occur. This eclipse is at 15 Leo so if you have planets in Leo or near that area, their significations will be greatly affected. Still eclipses are good in that they may bring deep unconscious patterns to the surface to heal.

Digestion is connected to the Sun and solar plexus and Rahu conjunct the Sun Sept. 1-6th within 3 degrees will negative impact digestion so make sure to get your exercise in to keep up your digestive fire and touch your toes can be a simple one for stimulating the solar plexus and enlarging its energy if it goes weak on you.

Meditation is enhanced during eclipses and meditations during eclipses can be powerful and deep. If we are in a part of the world where we are up during the eclipse, we may feel eerie. Saturn is exactly squaring this eclipse and they are enemies and this will can cause major conflicts between bosses and workers as well as increase anxiety and depression and reduce confidence. Doing the tree pose and the peacock (hardest pose in yoga) will rekindle your confidence and energy.

My friend, Juliana Swanson of Astral Harmony, discussing the eclipse said the following:
“The solar eclipse of September 1 occurs at the new Moon in sidereal Leo. Because the new Moon blocks the Sun’s light during a solar eclipse, some may experience a weakening of energy levels in the weeks before and after the eclipse (especially before). Solar eclipses also reveal personal issues which are depleting our life force. The months preceding and following a solar eclipse are a time for letting go of anything in our lives that impedes our energy and evolution. Should a solar eclipse conjoin a natal planet or angular point, an important new cycle is at hand in that related area.

On the world stage, the solar eclipse reflects more turmoil among certain political leaders (Leo). Secrets will be exposed, and new information revealed. At the same time, Saturn is squaring Neptune (which will perfect exactly on September 10 but is in range during the entire eclipse season), and this repeats the same theme of something(s) hidden being revealed. The September 1 solar eclipse is squaring Saturn and the fixed star Antares too, so all this just reflects more of the same imbalance, war, hatred, upheaval, violence, confusion and chaos we have already been seeing in the world.”

So you can transform this energy but meditation and by being open to changing the unconscious patterns that come to be healed. For personal readings, visit us at

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