Post Eclipse Analysis: Just Beginning to Unravel

Eclipses are trigger points and will have an impact strongly over the next two weeks through the Sept. 16 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.   The greatest impact of an eclipse will be when Sun conjuncts Rahu into Sunday  Sept 4th and the impact is there strongly through Sept. 7th.  Have to deal with depression, low confidence levels and poor digestion over the next week and we had suggested that exercise will help digestion and touching your toes 10 times and doing the tree pose in yoga can help boost solar energy.

If you are Leo rising or have a lot of planets in Leo and if you are running a Sun period on some level, then the impact of the eclipse may be there for 6 months and will affect whatever house it is hitting.   Solar eclipses are good for people who have a strong Rahu in the their first house or strongly connected with their ascendant or Sun.  They can bring fame and creativity so Rahu is not all bad and eclipses are not all bad.  Many artist souls have a strong Rahu dominant in their chart and a well-placed eclipse, may elevate their careers or bring creativity to their work.   Still look for world events and political scandals to unfold over the next week.  Take care of your digestion on status going into the Sunday, Sept. 4th when the intensity peaks.  Drink fresh squeeze juices and eat fresh foods to increase prana and combat depression and do not buy into this intense configuration with Saturn aspecting the Sun bring down your self-esteem. You are great and blow away the fear and depression.

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