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Mercury retrogrades into Leo on Sept. 10th and breaks up its support of the debilitated Venus in Virgo and breaks the Saraswati Yoga that we had in Virgo which had Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo together.  While Jupiter pulls up Venus a bit, it still means the next week is a rockier one for relationships as Venus’s critical and pragmatic nature comes out in Virgo and can make you more critical of your partner.  Go easy.  Accept people’s imperfections. Are you perfect or do you make mistakes also?.  Avoid raising your voice or getting into fights. I find the last part of the Venus debilitation through Sept. 18 is particularly challenging for relationships and I have seen divorces happen a lot here if things are on the rocks anyway.  Take some alone time to regroup, meditate and go within rather than get into a squabble.

Mars moves into the Scorpio’s tail section Sept. 13-18th and this can create a drowning of emotions and a karmic unraveling as Mars is a fire planet and cannot handle the intense emotions of next week’s transits. This can lead to explosive anger releases if that energy is repressed. Get it out with exercise but be careful unleashing it on your unsuspecting partner.  Its never good to stuff anger and resentment as it implodes in the body.  Sept 9 is a trigger point with Mars conjunct the moon so if you have lock your self in the bathroom and scream a bit, go ahead.  Meditation and yoga and exercise always help.

Venus square Pluto exactly into Sept. 11th is not going to help matters.  Uncontrollable passionate energy needs release and there may be a need for emotional nurturing.  This could get obsessive if you have this signature in your birth chat.  Jealousy can come up, frustration with un-returned needs for tenderness and intimacy needs  may lead to angry flare ups.  Power trips in relationship and abuse can manifest.   Make sure you express your needs, get a massage, make sure your partner provides and hears what  you want or something could explode.

Sun conjunct retrograde Mercury on Sept.  12th is not going to help matters as it will create mental confusing and intensity particularly for Virgos and Gemini rising signs where Mercury gets totally burned up and mentally frazzled.

All climaxes into Lunar Eclipse on Friday, Sept. 16th and we will have a separate article on that.

So rest, take care of yourself and your relationships this week. Do something special to honor your partner rather than pick a fight.  Get a massage or make a nice dinner for your partner and make you are there this week and communicating.   For relationship readings visit our website.    This too will pass but it is a climax week for relationships on the rocks so hang in there.

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