There are a number of intense transits and aspects this week and it is a week to be patient, not stretch beyond your capacity or schedule really important meetings or events.  You can plow through it all but it will be easier after Sept. 22nd.  And its not just because of Mercury retrograde.

Sun is conjunct Mercury today creating a busy mind and a lot of intensity and nervousness and it is not making things easy.  Mars is moving into the gandandata area or stinger’s tail of Scorpio as it gets ready to change signs. Mars is a fire planet and it drowns in this area of Scorpio and it creates a lot of deep emotional unravelings and spiritual crisEs. It can be a powerful time to go deep and transform your deepest patterns but most of us do not have the energy or time to do that.

The Sun changes signs from Leo into Virgo Sept. 16th-17th and this makes it a bit unsettled and less confident and its like a person  being in the middle of the move–too much uncertainty and chaos.  We also have the Lunar Eclipse at 1 degree Pisces. This is a Penumbral Eclipse on Sept. 16th  visible at moonset from the Pacific Ocean to Eastern Australia and Indonesia  and wil hit Eastern Europe and Eastern South America.  The US will not experience it. It starts 16:52 GMT and is over by 20:56 GMT which is about 10:52-2:46 pm Central Time.  Still can be a bit dicey for the emotions.

Finally Venus moves to the exact degree of debilitation into Friday, Sept. 16th and moves into Libra where it is happy on the 18th.  This last week can be particularly difficult and emotional for Libras and Taurus rising signs.  Remember to take responsibility for your feelings and not blame or criticize your partner as relationship energy is on thin ice anyway.

Good news is that by Sept. 23rd, most of the difficult transits will be over full with Mercury going direct on Sept. 22, Mars getting out of the Sag. gandata (or drowning) area by Sept. 23rd and Sun away from Saturn’s aspect by moving out of Leo on Sept. 17th and moving toward a joyous union with Jupiter on Sept. 26th.   So just another couple weeks for your rain coats.  Use the challenges to transform difficult life patterns and bad habits and you can use the transits in your favor. Consider our transformational astrological counseling session.

All of this can get handled by staying on top of your spiritual practices, yoga, meditation and exercise and not giving into bad habits to deal with the intense emotion.

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