There are a number of positives this week as Mercury transits back into Virgo its place of exaltation and Venus stays in Libra, its own sign for another 10 days until Oct. 13th.  Virgos and Taurus and Gemini rising benefit most from this transit which brings out Mercury’s intelligence, love of learning, resourcefulness, high quality speaking and communication abilities, excellence with numbers, precision of intellect.  Jupiter conjunct Mercury into Oct. 11th is a challenge the last few days but overall uplifts Mercury in the above qualities so overall a great time to write that article that you have procrastinated on and get that accounting done.  Venus continues in Libra which we discussed last week where its highest artistic, business and financial energies blossom although as it moves into Vishaka nakshatra Oct. 5-16th, it can be a bit too expansive, overspend or overindulge so watch your buying habits or eat one less piece of cake that crave otherwise you may overload yourself.  Be prudent with purchases although the credit card and buy energy will go into overdrive.

Mars is weak Oct. 3-7th as it is in the Cancer section of Sagittarius where it will have lower energy, less courage and drive. It may seek comfort and emotional support rather than fighting those necessary battle for a better mankind.  We discussed Mars in Mula and its connection to violence and terrorism and expect it to flare up this week in the world as this is the last place  for Mars to become unglued before it is much stronger and stabler for 6-7 weeks until it goes into Aquarius in December. Aries and Scorpio rising will need more rest  this week and find ways to increase energy.  Sagittarius and Gemini rising may have major relationship fights at hand and Taurus rising may suffer the most with this 8th house transit so drive carefully and stay alert.  The Warrior pose helps balances the 6th chakra and increase alertness.

We also have Saturn moving toward the exact square with Rahu into Oct. 9th.  We also have a whole article about this (above) but you have to slow down and not run around like a rabbit otherwise fear and paranoia will take over.   This will not really let up until November but will seem worse by Saturday, Oct. 8th which is most connected to Saturn and Rahu.  Remember that most of the things you are afraid of never happen.

Sun squares Pluto in transit between Virgo and Sagittarius.  If you have this signature in your natal chart or if you are Sag. or  Virgo, Gemini or Pisces rising, it may trigger strong manipulation, controlling, intensity, ruthlessness, possessiveness, power-hunger, and if very afflicted, may trigger violence.  Jupiter is aspecting the sun still and throws a strong glance unto Sagittarius so the brighter side of this aspect may trigger positive leadership and drive to move through obstacles with grace.   If you have the negative tendencies, ease up, realize that you control nothing and relax and let people do their own thing.

Jupiter is squarely in Hasta Nakshatra now until early Dec. so read our earlier article about this.  For some, because of the connection to Cancer, it may trigger gains and positive community relationships with groups and expand friendships so we really like this transit which goes into December.

Finally, the Kala Sarpa yoga is still intense in transit until  Oct. 13th-14th as the moon is now hemmed in by Rahu and Ketu as are all the rest of the planets.  This could lead to a major world event going into the full moon around Oct. 16th when the moon is conjunct Uranus but will build up over the next few weeks. Personally, if you feel intense and that things are out of control, find more ways to relax.   Do your yoga, meditation and spiritual practices, help others on Saturdays with service work and it will feel lighter.

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