Days 3-6 of the Nine Days, Oct. 4-6 are devoted to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.  Specifically, the days are devoted as follows:

Day Four: Kusmanda – She Who brings happiness and Warmth

Day Five: Skandamata – Mother of Skanda, The Destroyer of Tamas and Materialism

Day Six: Katyayani – The Nuturing Mother.

My yoga teacher, Indu Auroa, writing about Day 4:  Oct 4th:  Kusmanda says the following:

Kushmanda Ma- “Kushm-anda” means the creator of the “Brahma- anda”,
– the Universe. “Ku” means little, “ushma” means warmth and “anda” means cosmic egg. Devi Kushmanda resides in the heart of the sun and creates the Universe merely with a Divine smile (Ku-ushma).We often underestimate the power of smile, softness and gentleness…Devi Ku-ushma-anda resides in our hearts as Anahata Chakra, (heart chakra) which receives its energy from Hrit Chakra, (solar plexus)  also called as the Surya (sun) Chakra. Sun is not just de- termination, courage, fierceness, aggression but also light, brilliance, warmth and life.We often have fear to be established in the heart, we often fear to be taken for granted by being gentle, humble and kind…but there is the presence of Sun like strength in this softness…Today the Devi inspires us to be nourished by this Sun, to be like the Sun, to stay in our heart, reside in the Sun and yet be smiling with light and not burning with the heat of it. She rides a lion which symbolizes “Dharma”. As we ride on our righteous paths, may the rays of the warmth and gentleness of smile allow us to touch millions of hearts and establish a spiritual family wherever we go…world as one family!!”

So start coming out of your deep descent and bring your solar smile to the world to bless it with Divine love and a strong heart to heal the world.


Day 5 of Navaratri: Skanda Ma
Today we see the Shakti as Skanda Mata (fifth form of Durga/ wife of Shiva & Mother of Skanda ).
The Devi today rises from the Manipura Chakra  (solar plexus) with fierce light and clarity, residing in the Vishuddhi Chakra (throat chakra) (the undiluted force of mind) warning us to be mindful of what we ask for in life.
The Vak-Shakti (power of speech) that made the Demon Tarakasura ask for a boon to be slaughtered by Son of Shiva and Parvati,the same Vak-Shakti rose as as Devi Skanda Mata residing in Vishudshi Chakra (the throat chakra) and gave birth to “Skanda” who became the destiny of Tarakasura.

It also symbolizes that this undiluted Shakti of mind in each one of us gives birth to that powerful spirit (Kartikeya) that can put an end to our own malicious, tamasic, de- sires(Tarkasura). The 6 heads of Skanda symbolize 5 senses (eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin) and mind. Once we give a re-birth to our senses by internalizing them, their powers combine like a laser beam and become Skanda- the chief of strongest army against negativity.” ( All gratitude to my yoga teacher, Indu Auroa for these beautiful descriptions.


Kathyayini represents the nurturing aspect of the Divine Mother. She embodies the values of sharing and caring. Young girls pray to Devi Kathyayini for a good husband. Marriage comes with a sense of security, commitment, togetherness, team spirit and belongingness. She signifies the finer qualities of being in a relationship.

The ultimate relationship is the union with oneself (soul). The Shakti today travels from the Vishuddhi to Ajna Chakra. (third eye)  This Shakti is born with the anger radiated from the eyes of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to slay the demon Mahisha-asur (Buffalo headed demon). The demon symbolizes Tamas (inertia, laziness, dormancy and and sloth). The fire out of which Goddess Katyanai is born is Sattva-Rajas: the fire of pure intent and right action.

The moment this Shakti awakens, we are ready to face the demon of Tamas within and this is the moment of birth of Devi Katyayani within us as insight. The moments we allow ourselves to be fed by Tamas, the very same moment we allow the nourishing of the demon Mahishasura within us.

It is always a choice and we always have one…this is a constant dance between the Gunas of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas within. It is according to our Viveka-khyati (discernment) that we choose one over the other!

Let your practice lead you from tamas to sattva from moment to moment. The battle is not going to be easy but rewarding for sure! (from my yoga teacher, Indu Aurora)

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