DAY 8:  OCT 8 We have been discussing the nine days a rebirth process of the child being reborn in the womb of the mother and we are getting closer to our new birth.  Today is connected to Maha-Gauri, the white pearl and mother of full grace and beauty and serenity, radiant like the moon.  Today is Saturday, and a day where we look into the darkness, examine our challenges and seek to muscle the energy and power to transform and move beyond our limits.  Like the moon in the darkness, Maha-Gauri is always providing light and nurturing in the darkest of times but she beckons us to grow beyond our limits and that requires looking deep into the darkness and making changes.  This day is continued movement into the darkness and marking difficult choices and changes.  We must muster additional courage and know that the Blessings of Mother will support us with her light even in the darkest of times before we are going to emerge from the womb.  Everything is possible if we are ready with unblemished intention and strong will to transform our deepest problems and we have to muster the self-esteem and confidence to know that we are worthy of the highest.   Today is a time to reflect on our darkest situations  and let the light of Divine mother’s moon-light light in.  Saturday, being ruled by Saturn, seems a perfect day for Maha-Gauri to work through our challenges.  Great day for healing, inner reflection and transformation.  Divine Mother will be there if you are willing to let her light shine into your darkest crevices and then see that the darkness is only an illusion and once the light is there, you wonder why you agonized and analyzed and gave so much power to the darkness. Blessing for a wonderous day.  Rebirth is at hand shortly.


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