Since last April when I ran the US annual chart for April 7th, I noted that lord of the 10th (president) was in the 6th retrograde with Rahu. That had suggested no easy election back then or easy time for the President. The Jupiter/Rahu signature which was exact on Brexit around June 23rd empowers Rahu and people like Trump to change out-moded and corrupt elements of society and go against traditional values. Trump goes into a Jupiter period on Nov. 14th and given his fighting Leo nature, I doubt that he will not go down without a fight in a loss and like Gore, would have the right to challenge any sticky situations so I suspect that the country will get dragged through a repeat of 2000 if there are any states with voter fraud. He is going into a Jupiter major period with Jupiter in the 2nd house stationary Nov. 14th for 16 years and I suspect whatever happens, he will triumph with his new TV station and desire for attention.
I do not like either candidate but have posted for truth in the media and moving beyond corruption but given what has gone on for time immemorial, my naive hopes may not happen.
It seems obvious that Hillary can win the electoral vote but the astrology going into Inauguration suggests that she may not survive. Neptune conjunct Ketu on Nov. 16 and Neptune station on Nov. 19th suggest more secrets will come out and more truth will be revealed. If we use the 2:18 am chart, Saturn is squaring her 10th house cusp and her 7th house cusp around the election and that does not bode well for an easy time for her status or her husband’s. Joni Patry notes that Clinton’s   daughter’s chart which has an accurate birth chart and Tim Kaine’s birth chart which is accurate have Ketu transiting over their natal Suns in December at 14-15 degrees Aquarius and that suggests downfall for her father and for Kaine’s status so I suspect he will be brought down.  Last time Chelsea had Ketu going over her natal Sun was 18 years ago during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. 
Mars will also conjunct Ketu in Aquarius in late December creating huge anger around the continued levels of corruption that will come out.
Our cycle work had suggested a stock market rally for a week after the election but then problems into Nov. 18th and probably problems in December. That might suggest a temporary victory for the status quo and temporary happiness but more unravelings. Pundits think that the stock market could fall 10% if Trump is elected or Hillary in doubt. That would be healthy and seems a likely forecast into December. The dollar cycles also suggest problems after mid-November into the end of the year suggesting the tragedy will continue So as my friend David noted, we have a Shakespearean tragedy without the poetry. No matter what happens on Nov. 8th, this mess will continue afterwards. Sorry folks, no rest from the exhaustion.  Lets hope that both of our Leo candidates are not as powerful as they think and that somehow we can get a better leader –maybe a postponement of the election of something more bizarre. Whatever happens, it is not going to be easy.  Stay in touch with our insights or get a reading as to how your “political future” will unfold.  https://www.appliedvedicastrology.com/reading-information-submission/
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