We still have one more week to deal with the worst part of the Sun in Libra this week and that will lift by Nov. 6th when the Sun goes into Jupiter’s constellation of Vishakha. Until then keep with the positive self-talk, health care, and self-confidence and depression boosters to move through the mud.

Mars moves into Capricorn on Oct. 31st until Dec. 10th and this its sign of exaltation.    For everyone it will give us extra energy to stay up late and complete  projects, get that extra exercise in and not feel exhausted and have the courage to go out and do the things we have been putting off.  This transit helps with focus and brings out the highest quality of Mars which is service. The highest qualities of Mars come out with generosity, hard-work, creating results, charm and a strong undefeated attitude.   The exact degree of exaltation is at 28 degrees which is on Dec. 7th. The exaltation is helped by Mars exchanging signs with Saturn which Western astrologers call mutual reception with Mars in Capricorn, owned by Saturn and Saturn in Scorpio, owned by Mars. In Vedic Astrology this is called a Parivartana Yoga and its impact will vary depending on the houses being exchanged. In general, in transit, it is like Mars gets to go home to Scorpio and Saturn gets to go home to Capricorn for 6 week and that means the more malefic qualities of both planets get eased up a bit.

The exchange of houses will affect different rising signs differently.  Scorpios may have more courage and stronger relationships with brothers and get involved in the arts.   Taurus rising may be involved in spiritual pilgrimages with partners or have stronger relationships with father and father-in-laws.  Cancer rising may have stronger results involving investment, romance and children.  Pisces may have great gains from spiritual pilgrimages and new income opportunities that work.  Aries rising may have more kamic issues involving work and Geminis may have complicated health and enemy issues that eventually triumph.  If you are running a Mars/Saturn or Saturn/Mars period on any levels, the results will be magnified and if you were born during the last and rare exchanges of these two signs in Sept-Nov. 1986 or April/May 1956 when we last had this exchange, you will feel the results more intensely.  As always, how this yoga manifest is dependent on rising sign, dashas and other planets you have in Scorpio and Capricorn.

This special relationship continues into January 19th when Mars goes into Saturn’s other sign Aquarius on Dec. 10th, but then the exchange of houses will be different and different rising signs may benefit in a different way. With Ketu in Aquarius through next summer, that relationship will be more complicated and require a whole article for us to write in late December.

Scorpios and Aries rising will feel the energy of Mars most  in Capricorn but sometimes you do not want exalted malefics as they can do more harm. I think Sagittarius Rising and Virgo rising can have the most problem with an exalted Mars in transit since Mars owns the 8th and 12th houses while  Cancer, Taurus and Pisces will do best with it and Geminis will probably have a difficult time with this one.  Love these eagles and the mountain in the background which embodies the strength of Capricorn and the courage of Mars.

Not too much else of note this week expect Moon in Scorpio, conjunct Saturn on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd-3rd and this may bring the depression issues of the month to a focal point.

For now, enjoy Diwali, the Festival of Lights and rejoice in Lakshmi’s abundance and the chance to start new things and be rewarded.  There is more light coming into the world and maybe the darkest moments will be leaving after week.   If you want to know how these transits impact your own chart, schedule a reading or healing session with us by clicking the request tab or click on




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