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If you watch small kids in a playground, they get angry, fully express it and then go back to being normal.  Anger is a natural emotion that is often an expression of an unfulfilled desire.   Kids are great about it but we tend to repress our anger until it explodes and that is dangerous.

Mars is approaching Ketu in Aquarius and they will be conjunct on Dec. 26th and within 3 degrees from Dec. 22-31st.  On the highest level Mars/Ketu conjunctions encourage us to express our highest ideals for humanity in the sign of Aquarius and when they are frustrated or blocked, it can lead to anger and violence. As we have said before, use the anger to do charity work and channel the energy into positive social service rather than raging at things that you cannot control.

This conjunction challenges us to be happy with our own power and leadership and this may be the case particularly among women so express it now if it comes up. This transit supports mathematics and engineering so time to go deep into invention mode.  For Scorpio and Aries rising, it will foster spiritual experience and intuition as Ketu is the most spiritual planet. Time for a meditation retreat or extra spiritual practice.  Other activity may be frustrating.

Overall, this conjunction is very difficult for the planet and is a signature for violence and terrorism.  The race riots in St. Louis a few years back and in Sept in Milwaukee were recent examples of Mars/Ketu aspects.  9/11 also happened during a Mars/Ketu conjunction in Sagittarius.  Hopefully it will be too cold for people to get out an riot.  Find another way to express your feelings. Write letters, do posts on Facebook or call your Congressperson. In the extreme, this aspect can lead to accidents, fires, burns  and explosions if the energy is not released. Be careful around your home and while driving from before and after Christmas for a week. Even if you are alert, others may not be.

The bright side of the conjunction of Mars is that is forcing us to face our unconscious fears and repressed angers and look at them and transform them. Capricorns and Aquarians need to find an outlook to unlock pent-up anger or it will explode. Exercise and healthy competition is one way to let it out.

Ultimately terrorism and war events and craziness will fire the flames of the irrational fears and the media will use the energy to whip us up into a frenzy so that our leaders can take away more human rights and try to control us through fear.  The CIA has been already working on a soft coup with the electoral voters and if that fails they may turn up the heat.

We looked at natal charts in our data base and while we have been worried about the US, the conjunction is in Aquarius and will  impact countries with key planets in an axis around 11-15 degrees Aquarius or Leo.  The Solar eclipse last Sept. was also at 15 Leo and a transit to a key trigger point can definitely trigger an event.  South Africa and Iraq came up on the list. Also Italy, Canada and China.  The US does enter a Rahu/Rahu/ Saturn period on Dec. 26th and that by nature will stir up anxiety in the US anyway.

Usually yoga and exercise are good to get things moving but be gentle on yourself as too much will increase the air element or vata and create more anxiety. Also just use the Nike slogan, “Just do it,” to get moving as Mars/Ketu can create very sluggish and lazy energy and its hard to get started.  The exchange of houses between Saturn and Mars, two tamasic planets can also make things hard to get started and get through. Capricorns, Aquarians, Scorpios,  Aries  and Leos will  probably be most affected by the transit and people having key planets at Aquarius 11-15/Leo 11-15  will be affected most as will  people running Mars/Ketu periods or Ketu/Mars periods. If you are running those periods and they are connected to difficult houses in Aquarius like the 4, 6, or 8th, then be particularly careful driving.  Otherwise nothing will get triggered.  We are not here to frighten you, just to be alert and not lazy or repressed about your feelings.

Anyway, like Forrest Gump reminds us, life is a box of chocolates: there are some with sweet cream fillings this Christmas and some with hard nuts that you have to chew carefully.  Express your emotions in a healthy manner and do not let the Grinch steal your Christmas joy. Help others and donate to your favorite charities. So many in need.

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