The bright spot of the Christmas transits is the Sun moving into Jupiter’s sign of Sagittarius on Thursday, Dec. 15th  bringing  expansive joy for righteous action.  One can think of the Salvation Army ringing their bells every Christmas to save the world.   Sun’s positive qualities are coming out with  this transit in Sag. which include positivity, fairness, impartiality,  devotions to high ideals and causes, friendliness and joyfulness, fun, sincerity.   Sun and Jupiter are good friends and have a 5/9 relationship between Sag. and Leo so their is a deep spiritual relationship that emerges at Christmas and an optimism that expands life with holiday cheer. It is badly needed.  Leos and Aries rising do best with the transit but also Sagittarius rising if its ego does not get in the way.  Taurus, Capricorn and Geminis probably have more problems with this transit as it is an 8th, 12th and 7th house from its own sign. It is mixed for others.

The first part of the Sun’s journey is in the asterism of Mula which we have discussed before.  The first 3 degrees of this star are a vulnerable area  Dec. 15-17,  but the Sun is still exalted in the D-9, Divisional chart here and can handle the transformation that it requires of the soul here.  Mula, (Moo’la), occupies Sagittarius (0-13.20) (Dec. 15-28) and means a bundle of roots.  As Charlotte Benson, notes,  the purpose of this star is to remain  rooted in  the physical world, while having high aspirations to achieve liberation.  The goddess of this constellation is the challenging, Niritti, the demon goddess of negation and transformation.  Her painful influence provokes humanity to radically change its essential nature and give the politics happening around the election, we do not expect it will be a picnic for Trump.   This constellation is ruled by Ketu and with Mars moving toward Ketu in Dec. 26th , the Sun’s transit through this territory now is a bit more angry and it is no wonder that the warring factions of government are rearing their heads to roar.

Still, a time for holiday joy but not without some needed spiritual transformation. Good time to get your meditation and yoga in and stay rested and balance to ward off the angry snapping and seething anger that may progress by Christmas.

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We are plenty busy but will fit you in.  I write these columns because they pour out of me lately and hope you enjoy this wonderful knowledge. Have a great Christmas season! Make sure to stay on top of your dishes from holiday cooking so a friend does not get into them!




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