And now for a little excitement.   Mars moves into the constellation of Satabhisha Dec. 20th for about 19 days until Jan. 7th.   This star in Western astronomy is know as Gamma Aquarri and is located at 6.40-Aquarius to 20.00 Aquarius in the zodiac.  Mars is also moving toward Ketu, the south Node  within a tense three degree radius Dec 22nd-31st and is exact in the True Node system on Christmas day.   We have written about this previously. 

Mars will channel’s Rahu’s energy through this  transit and this can be a bit tense.  Rahu or the north node is like Saturn so this transit tests your power and courage to move through inner fear. It can lead to release of violent anger if you do not have the know how to manage its energies in a positive way to support humanity.  It will also bring out the darker energies of Mars’ ego and desire to exert athletic or sexual prowess and it may become reckless so this is not a time to drive wildly or take risks to show how cool or courageous you are.

The energies also could create reckless leadership in politicians who do not want to accept defeat easily. Given the tense state of the CIA soft coup and Electoral College mess, the chance of some intense climax happening the next 3 weeks is strong.  The Military Industrial Complex tied into a huge budget, the CIA and US adventurism could easily explode into a false flag.  Trump recently said that we will no longer topple regimes and his new Secretary of State is of the same mindset.  They are businessmen. They want to see economic prosperity and not a nuclear conflict and despite all the bad press, if you look deeply they really want the peace that our liberal world strives for more than the war-mongers who will be threatened by losing their budget.   A huge play around this is likely to happen into the New Year and the energies of Mars/Rahu/Ketu are up for it.  Saturn and Mars exchanging signs between Aquarius and Scorpio are potentially there to fuel a huge eruption as the military industrial complex does not want to lose control.  Please look deeply into what is going on.  This is not 1950-60 and Russia is not a communist bad bear anymore. Putin is a businessman also and wants prosperity and profits and not destruction.  He is Libra rising with Venus in the first house.

Mars and its connection to the constellation of Satabhisha and Rahu energy in Aquarius will inspire deep revolutionary energies.  Mahatama Gandhi had a Mars/Rahu  conjunction in his natal chart and was a great freedom fighter for India.  On August 27, 2017, Rahu will be conjunct Mars at the cusp of Leo at 0.00 and this will stir up revolutionary energy in the US chart with the US being in a Mars period.   The opposition to Rahu and conjunction to Ketu on Dec. 25th will ignite some sparks and the Total Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017 which will cut across the US will definitely stir the water for change in our country and polarize our world.  We will have to learn to love each in our differences and accept opposing values or end up with two countries.  This will boil down to a personal commitment to channel your anger into helping others with social services and not just rail against politicians.  Use your energies to devote time to helping your local charities create a better world. I do not think the politicians have the broad vision to really take care of everyone. I do at least see that Trump and Putin do not want war and want more prosperity and they recognize the waste of money that goes into the military industrial complex that has fueled massive destruction for Syria, Iraq and Libya and have led to a huge refugee crisis and humanitarian crisis.  What is the press not telling you? Do you remember when we use to see footage of the atrocities of the Viet Nam war and be outraged?  Look deeply into what is really happening with Syria and the history of the US toppling regimes. It is not a great humanitarian story.

The constellation, Shatabhisha (Aquarius 6.40-20)  means the 100 physicians and symbolizes the empty circle representing the void of creation, the circle of maintenance and dissolution and healing and unity. The main deity is Varun, the lord of the Oceans and is connected to magical herbs and is supportive to healing but when it is afflicted as it will be with the Mars transit, it may bring out its darker energy and its connection to drugs and  to intoxicants.  The emotional intensity of Mars being connected to Ketu and Rahu can bring up a lot of emotional upheaval from the past, intense anger and if there is not a positive outlook to create social change, the tendency might be to escape through drugs or alcohol.  A tense holiday family gathering might easily lead one to overdrink.  Observe the old energy,  speak your truth kindly to your friends and family and avoid a need to escape or lash out in anger.  Accept others opinions. The difference in our world actually create energy to move the planet.  

At its highest level, this star is connected to Shiva, the lord of ascetics and its highest level and desire is to dissolve into the infinite ocean so the best outlook for this energy and the realization of the complexity of the political and complex world would be to do extra meditation and dissolve into the Transcendent. 

On the spiritual/psychological plane, this transit can bring up past life demons that will plague our psychology. The energies of the past will come up to haunt us and create confusion and this may be very connected to repressed anger and power that needs to shine forth.  Go forth with great new leadership now and create a better world.   Ultimately this is a quest to annihilate the ego and will require deep healing work to be done. Good time over the holiday to take a long meditation retreat for a week to merge with the divine, otherwise the mind may seem plagued.   Whenever we have a connection with Ketu and Rahu, it can lead to very deep growth for us and the US  so the next seven months with the nodal conflicts can bring a very deep opportunity for invention, spiritual transcendence and growth if you go with the higher energies. Go forth and do something good to help others.  Our politicians are no longer the ideal saintly Philospher/Kings that Plato’s Republic idealized and we expect too much from them and we look to them to save our world.  We have to empower ourselves to go forth and do great things and make a difference. Have a great holiday.  

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