As a Vedic astrologer people look to me to predict the future to help them move beyond their fears. I embrace that dharma and yet in my later years, I am starting to look at it differently and this year I am not going to do predictions for the whole year.

Lately, I am trying to publish events in the moment or a few days before they happen because I really see the value of astrology helping us to understand the emotional and psychological play of the puppeteer and to cut the puppet strings. Usually we are gripped by emotional and psychological patterns and they bind our mind and make us feel badly about ourselves.  Usually it is Saturn beating ourselves up.   My purpose is to shed light on the shadows of maya that block our happiness because we spend so much time worrying about the future or regretting the past which  is a waste of time because whatever has happened, is gone and should be forgotten.

When we look back on  our life, have we not always been taken care of?  Have not all the most difficult traumas, ten years later, turned into blessings that we would not trade for the world?  I reflect back on the most difficult time in my life when I was 28 and was having kidney stones every month and my doctors told me I would be in pain the rest of my life and I felt like a walking time bomb.  It forced me to look to alternative medicine and to create my own health and to discover Ayurveda and then use my research abilities to help myself and then to help others in the future.  Malefic influences may be painful but they are also part of God’s plan if we can also see them as great friends and embrace them, they are also gifts of new discovery and new pathways.

Yes we are not without our share of challenges every year and we will have them this year and every year  but we also have wonderful things also, like Venus in its sign of exaltation for an unusual period of 4 months Feb-May and Jupiter in Virgo reminding us to be very practical with our wisdom and I suspect that is why I am writing this piece.

Yes I will continue to write about the major events everyday and every week but writing about all of next year now will take us out of the precious moment of the present and of celebrating the New Year.  Like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day, we need to commit to improving our life everyday, not to be lazy, to help others and to creating a better world. Our New Year should be devoted to creating a a “new you”  one that is eternally present in the joy and laughter and the love of giving and being of service to all of those around us.  Commit to regular spiritual practice, helping others through donations and service, to listening less to the rantings of the media and to reading more spiritual knowledge. I tell you the New Year will be wonderful if you can find a way to be steady in your mind and in love with everyone and non-judgmental and accepting. And yes, it is a life-long journey– but one worth undertaking.

The planets are moving every moment and they are doing their job. Political regimes will come and go.  Wars and diseases will continue to pop up.  Our dream of utopia will be illusive unless we find it fully in the  joys of the present moment.   But just know you are safe and you are always safe.

I am reminded of my favorite passage from a wonderful book, Emmanuel’s Book: A Manual for Living Comfortably in the Cosmos:

Fear of the unknown is forgetfulness. There is no such thing as the “unknown”  to the soul. There is natural fear and resistance when one does not recall one’s own Divinity.

You are safe. You are safe.  You are infinitely safe. Oh, my dears, if I could only make it possible for you to experience the loving, gentle kindness of the universe, the balance, the fairness, the sweetness and the joy.  there would never be another moment of fear in your entire lives. And this is true.

Wishing you a wonderful  year of joy and laughter and the ability to embrace your challenges.  God Bless.   With all my heartful love, I send blessings to you all!  Happy New Year!  All thanks to my spiritual Guru for his wisdom and helping me through the course of my life.

P.S.  I have a longer articles addressing this subject below if you want to go deeper.  See also

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