There are a lot of subtle changes going on this week that we have written about previously and we will only briefly repeat them and suggest you reread the articles for the last week but we will mention some new energies coming and there is a lot more volatile emotion up this week so you will have to stay on top of your meditation and yoga.

Sun stays in the 28th constellation of Vega in Capricorn know in Vedic astrology as Abhijit Nakshatra ruled by Brama and Vishnu. We have one more full day of this transit until Jan. 23rd.  Sunday  a day ruled by the Sun will bring out its full energies and bless this day of worship. Sunday are always time to spend more time with the Divine and I find myself having to choose from a Ganesh puja, a wonderful spiritual service and fitting in all of my spiritual practices. Always a great time on Sunday to take time to enjoy both inner and outer Divinity so make sure you get that extra meditation in today.

Moon is a mess the next few days creating a bit more emotional turmoil than normal. On Monday, a day ruled by the moon it is in the debilitated sign of Scorpio in  Jyestha nakshatra moving toward a Saturn into 5 am on Tuesday and Saturn who  is not very happy in the gandanta area at 29 degrees of Scorpio.  The moon could trigger an emotional crisis connected to all the emotional churnings that we have written about in our series of Saturn articles.   Moreover the moon will be Lata from 6 am Tuesday until 10 am on Thursday.  I have followed my Panchanga for over 20 years observing the weird and emotion energies on days when the sun and moon have the same exact absolute declinations (within 1 degree) know as Lata and Vaidhrita.  This happens about once a month usually.  In any case stay on top of yoga, exercise and meditation and breath work to deal with the emotionally disturbing energies of moon in Scorpio and Moon in Mula nakshatra in Scorpio Tuesday/Wednesday and part of Thursday.

Mars moves into Saturn’s constellation know in English as the end of the constellaton of Pegasus (Uttarbhadapada  Pisces 3.20-6.40) on Tuesday Jan. 24th and gets connected with higher spiritual energy with this transit lasting until Feb. 11th.  We have written an article on this earlier in the week. The challenge is that it will not help Saturn’s precarious transit at the end of Scorpio and moving into Sagittarius and will create negative synergy for Saturn as Mars is transiting through Saturn’s constellation now.  Pundit Ojha would write about this phenomena is his classic book, Predictive Astrology of the Hindus on how Mars’s transit through a Saturnian constellation can  create negative synergy.  This has the effect of  continuing the frustrating and anxious and angry Mars/Saturn energy that we saw in Aquarius on a different level. At least, Jupiter is aspecting Mars from Virgo and Mars in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces so it is much better than the past few months and wisdom and trust in the Divine can support us through change and anger and frustration.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius officially on Jan. 26th and we have written 8 articles about this transition and will continue to write more.  When Saturn goes into a new sign, it starts aspecting new houses and suddenly , there are a lot of changes in relationship, jobs, homes, new health issues and planets at the edge of signs feel displaced like moving to a new foreign country and not understanding the local customs and having piles of boxes in ones’s living room.  Remember to drink your calming teas and take it slow.  Change is inevitable to life and most of what we fear will not happen including the exaggerated fears about the huge changes in our world with global politics.  Visit my Financial Astrology by Barry Rosen Facebook site ( as I have posted a great article on the new global chess match and what is really happening with China and Russia.

Venus moves into Pisces on Friday, Jan. 27th until late May and we will write a few articles on this. This is the saving grace of the zodiac at the moment as it will improve relationship energy, good cheer and optimism and it is a particularly great transit for Taurus rising and others will benefit great.   It is unusual for Venus to stay in a sign for 4 months and it has been not since the winter/spring of 2009 that we had something similar. It will be the saving Grace to balance out Saturn.  In Jaimini astrology dual signs aspect each other so Venus in Pisces  will balance out Saturn in Sagittarius.   Venus, fun, beauty, artistic creation will be heightened the next 4 months and we need to make sure to have more  fun, paint, draw, dance and sing  and connect with people to balance out the intense energy of Saturn.

So its a bit of an emotional transition week so stay rested, be kind to others, donate to charity or do service work and that will get you out of your emotional funk and personal pity party but things will improve with Jupiter moving toward station into Feb. 6th so the Divine and our trust in God will be increasing in the world to balance out all the emotional upheaval.

The world will go on even if we have a new President. Social activism is important to create a better world but do not let seething anger and unrest destroy your inner peace. Meditate, help others, help yourself and a better world will emerge so that you can  make a difference.  Have a great week!

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