We have been discussing Saturn’s transit into Sagittarius for over a month. Usually transits from the rising sign affect our material world most while transits from the moon affect our emotional or mental state.  We also have to look at transits from the Sun as a third factor particularly if our Sun is stronger than our rising sign or moon:

The first part of the transit is challenging  through March 16th because it is in the Aries division of the D-9 or navamsha chart and Jupiter, the owner of Sagittarius will become weak at the end of the sign of Virgo at 29 degrees and turning retrograde on Feb. 6th.  That will bring more unfavorable results out at first so patient.  Eventually into 2018, Saturn will mature as it moves into Venus’s constellatoin and  more and its transits will soften and we will see the more favorable impact and will write about that next year.   Below is a guide. Your individual profile will be dependent on how many Ashtakavarga points you have in Sagittarius, what dashas you are running and what natal planets are impacting your sign. The good news is that Saturn shows more of its energy when it is 20-30 degrees so in some sense we are getting a break from the intensity after being in late Scorpio and moving into early Sagittarius:

If your rising sign or your moon is the following and to a lesser degree your sun, use the following guide to understand your focus the next 6 months and next few years.  Each day we will add 3 more signs:

Scorpio –If this is a 2nd house transit from your moon or rising sign, your Sade Sat period is wanting to come to an end but there is still some karma to complete. Make sure that your words are sweet like Venus and not harsh like Saturn as the 2nd house of speech will be impacted. Hold your tongue on bashing other.  Avoid vices like junk food, drugs and alcohol as the 2nd house governs food and it will be important to be disciplined about what you put in your body. If you are not on top of this you could suffer from food allergies or illness.  Become pro-active and learn Ayurved and take care of yourself . Become disciplined about finances which means save 10% of your income no matter what for those emergencies that will come up.  Avoid over spending and become disciplined about budgeting as Saturn aspecting your 11th house may crimp income so you will have to be creative in generating new sources.    The 2nd house governs family and Saturn may bring out gloomy and oppressive family relationships so practice kindness, acceptance and tolerance no matter what they throw at you.  No matter what others do to us, if we give love to others, then we are always a winner.
Sagittarius –  Particularly if your moon is in Sagittarius, there is a feeling of formlessness or uncertainty as you try to shape a new life for yourself.  Low confidence or self-esteem may come up. If your rising sign is Sagittarius, it will be a time to educate yourself about your physical body so exercise and diet and nutritional counseling will be necessary to stay on top of your health but if you rise to the occasion, Saturn will reward you.   With Saturn in the first, a diet may finally succeed.  Learn to keep your agreements and honor your commitments or you may face serious relationship challenges.  Stay on top of exercise to avoid feeling too sluggish.  Take care of your teeth and stay on top of your dental visits with discipline and love to avoid expensive problems.

Be patient with setbacks and realize that you are going to have to work harder to make things happen  There could be a tendency to isolate yourself so remember the remedy for Saturn is Venus so stay in relationship, get massages, sing, dance and throw off the heaviness—it is not who you are.   Use this time for transformation as Saturn is pushing you to become mature and take take responsibility for your spiritual growth.  Stay more rested and be patient before jumping into a new marriage with Saturn’s aspect on the 7th house or realize that starting a new business with Saturn’s aspect on the 10th house may require hard work and patience and may be frustratint depending on the dasha you are running.
Capricorn – If your moon or even your Sun is in Capricorn, your Sade Sat is beginning, the 12th house transit of Saturn can bring up issues of abandonment or betrayal and can bring up great emotional and mental distress.  Be careful with expenses because debts can mount during this transit so watch those credit card purchase and freeze them in an ice cube in your refrigerator or put them in your safe deposit box to only use them for emergencies.  Forgive those people who took advantage of you or resentment will give rise to disease in your body.  Avoid risk so this not a time to take up a dangerous sport.  Be around pleasant people and spiritual knowledge to uplift your energy.  If you are Capricorn rising or Sun, this is a time for self-sacrifice and doing volunteer work.  Do quiet and spiritual reading before you go to bed to avoid sleep problems.   This is a time for closure, finishing long projects, contemplating a change of residence and healing unconscious patterns that block you from fulfilling your purpose.

Part 2 Later: We will keep adding to the top as time permits.

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